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Event Date/Time: Apr 28, 2009 End Date/Time: Apr 28, 2009
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The MOST Cooperation, the organization through which the leading automotive multimedia network Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) is standardized, is starting a training program on MOST basics for its member companies. It has prepared a complimentary one-day seminar syllabus to provide an introduction to MOST Technology. "With this technical course, the MOST Cooperation is seeking to provide information on MOST to all engineers and developers who are new to working with MOST Technology", states Henry Muyshondt, technical liaison of the MOST Cooperation. "One of the benefits of working with the leaders of the automotive industry and membership in the MOST Cooperation is the sharing of information among the experts of the world of infotainment." At the completion of the seminar, attendees will be able to understand FBlocks, Functions, Hierarchy, Control Messages, and the start-up procedure of a MOST network. The accompanying documentation will assist attendees in their future work with MOST.

The one-day seminar begins with an overview of MOST application examples, frames, speed grades and basics, followed by a section on the MOST object model that introduces FBlocks, functions, optypes, hierarchy, notification, shadows, and service discovery. Next, MOST components for electrical and optical physical layer, the INIC and companion devices will be introduced afterwards. The following section covers stream data including allocation, bandwidth administration and the ConnectionMaster example. Details of the control channel include the control message structure, transmission control, addressing on MOST, central registry, and segmentation. The seminar concludes with hands-on demonstrations on how to send and receive control messages, the network startup & shutdown, and audio transmission.

The first seminar will be held Tuesday, April 28, 2009 in Karlsruhe (Germany). Next dates will be May 8, 13 and 14 in South Korea, and May 13 and 27, 2009, in Germany (Munich). Other dates and locations in Asia, Europe and the United States will be available soon. The number of attendees is limited. Registrations will be accepted in the order they are received. The trainings will be instructed by different MOST Cooperation member companies including CAN Systems, Elektrobit, Ruetz System Solutions, and SMSC. For more information and registration please contact the training house closest to your preferred location. The contact list is available at

About MOST Technology
MOST (Media Oriented Systems Transport) is a multimedia networking technology optimized for use in cars and other applications. It enables the transport of high Quality of Service audio and video together with packet data and real-time control over a single transmission medium. MOST can use plastic optical fiber or electrical unshielded or shielded twisted pair wire physical layers, that meet automotive environmental requirements. Today MOST is used in over 65 car models as the communication backbone for their information and entertainment equipment.

About MOST Cooperation
The MOST Cooperation is the organization through which MOST Technology is standardized and refined so that it continues to stay abreast of the latest industry requirements. Today it consists of 16 international carmakers and more than 75 key component suppliers. They have joined together to work with the MOST Technology and to contribute to its innovation. The MOST Cooperation is prepared to embrace efforts to further develop and standardize the technology for other industries and to establish the corresponding work structures. The MOST Cooperation was founded in 1998 to standardize MOST Technology as a global standard for multimedia networking. Audi, BMW, Daimler, Harman/Becker and SMSC are its core partners and constitute its Steering Committee. For more information see

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