Event Date/Time: Jun 24, 2009
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Whether you are expecting your first child or well into the early years of motherhood, you are embarking on a fabulous journey that promises both beautiful and difficult times. From the moment we become moms or even just conceive of the idea, we experience deeply moving thoughts, feelings, and emotions that offer opportunities for profound personal growth and transformation. Though there are many resources to help you understand what is going on physically, support for postpartum depression, and parenting guidance, there is little to support you personally through this intense life transition. This course provides an opportunity to feel more at ease with your motherhood experience through honest sharing and exploration of how motherhood affects all aspects of life including work, life style, relationships, personal identity, and your emotional state of being. This intro class is a 2 hour session with the option to join an on-going Birth of a Mother coaching group for those who want to see real change in their lives and embrace motherhood in their chosen way.

Join us for this amazing workshop where you will begin to:
* Understand and better manage the emotional roller coaster and internal conflicts common in motherhood
* Develop strategies to make sound choices for you and your family
* Gain insight into and begin your journey along the phases of mother development and transition
* Open the door to your own rebirth and transformation while envisioning the life you desire


4747 Arapahoe Avenue
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Additional Information

This workshop is for expectant and new mothers in the early years of motherhood. Adopting moms are encouraged to attend. Babies welcome. The Birth of a Mother class is being held at Boulder Community Foothills Hospital on June 24 and July 22 from 10:00am-12:00pm (Leo Hill A or B Classroom). Please register by calling Gretchen at (303) 642-3105. Cost: $35