Advances in Oncology Drug Development: Linking Drug Response Phenotypes to Multiplex Molecular Signa

Venue: Complimentary Online Conference

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Event Date/Time: Jun 18, 2009
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The role genetics plays in the treatment of disease, and cancer in particular, has become increasingly apparent. Personalized medicine is expected to transform drug development from a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to one targeted to specific populations with genetic similarities. Join us to learn about how drug development strategies are changing to keep pace with these discoveries.

Hear from Dr. Jeffrey Settleman, distinguished professor of Oncology and researcher focused on targeted cancer therapies. Learn about the rational approach to using cellular signaling pathways and oncogene addiction data of individual tumors for developing targeted therapies, smart drugs with less toxicity and more clinical success than general cytotoxic Drugs.

Christine O’Day, PhD, will discuss the cell biology involved in screening compounds for understanding genetic sensitivity. Learn about the need for systematic cell culture control, sophisticated data capture and analysis, as well as the optimal selection of cell lines and genetic distribution of relevant panels.

Dan Rhodes, PhD, Founder and CEO of Compendia Bioscience and originator of the Dan Rhodes, PhD, founder and CEO of Compendia Bioscience and originator of the Oncomine will explore biomarker discovery methodologies that integrate gene mutations, gene expression and DNA copy number. In addition, strategies to map in vitro biomarkers to clinical tumor populations will be discussed.