New Energy Investment Forum & Expo Guangzhou China 2009 (GNE 2009 Forum & Exp)

Venue: China Import & Export Fair Pazhou Complex

Location: Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Event Date/Time: Jul 28, 2009 End Date/Time: Jul 30, 2009
Registration Date: Jul 25, 2009
Early Registration Date: Jul 25, 2009
Abstract Submission Date: Jul 25, 2009
Paper Submission Date: Jul 25, 2009
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"Increase investment in new energy industries, to seize the commanding heights of future economic". At present, many countries around the world take developing new energy industries as an important measure to deal with financial crisis.

Outlook of new energy development trend of the world, we should attach great importance to the development of new energy, closely tracking the development of a new round of the new direction of energy, strengthen research and development of new energy technologies, increase investment in new energy industries, seriously the new energy development in a strategic position on the attention.

This exhibition mainly provide the platform with commodities trading, corporate finance, enterprise investment, fund investment, through the 2009 Guangzhou International Investment Forum on New Energy (Financing Forum, Technical Forum, Project Demonstrations) to promote new energy development, facing a shortage of funds, such issues as the direction of the enterprise market for the new energy sector to create new opportunities.

"2009 Guangzhou International New Energy Investment Forum"

â…¡ Exhibition Scope
â—†Solar Power: solar energy products and photovoltaic power generation systems and equipment, the use of solar thermal systems, solar collection equipment, Solar photovoltaic systems and grid systems, transmission systems, photovoltaic components, solar energy conversion systems, solar cells, power, solar water heater, solar refrigeration and air-conditioning, solar heating equipment and products, solar thermal insulation materials, solar energy complementary control devices, control loading device, a dedicated solar panel, solar panels and other core new products and technologies etc;
â—†Wind Power: wind power systems (power systems, control systems, monitoring systems, etc.) and equipment, offshore wind power generation technology and equipment, beautiful complementary power generation systems, blades, gear boxes, bearings and other related equipment and accessories etc;
â—†Biomass Power: Biogas, methane production technology and equipment; biomass gasification, biomass power generation technology and equipment; bio-liquid fuel and forming solid biomass fuels (bio-diesel, fuel ethanol); biological materials, cellulose materials related products etc;
â—†Nuclear Power: Nuclear Island, Conventional Island, Instrumentation and control systems, Power Systems, Nuclear power plant operation and maintenance facilities, Waste Disposal, Nuclear power related equipment and materials etc;
â—†New Energy Vehicle: Alternative fuel vehicles, hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, fuel vehicles, energy conservation, environmental protection, small cars, electric motorcycles, electric bicycles, engines, parts and components, energy efficiency, environmental protection, automobile tires, high-quality fuel, lubricants, additives, etc.
â—†Building materials & Energy-saving Technologies
Energy-saving wall materials and equipment, Roof System material, construction and water-saving kitchen, bathroom water-saving products , heating, heating equipment and ventilation systems, Energy-saving doors and windows and curtain wall steel structure, Saving products and equipment , Solar Roofs, The energy-saving technologies etc.

â…¢. Promotion Campaign
Invitations by fax, tickets by post, newsletters by e-mail
1. CIGS thin film modules project (planning to invest 1.6 billion) of Guangzhou Baiyun District, Guangdong thin-film industry base project (Planning to invest 3 billion) have been invited to participate in various activities in the fair to achieve a large number of procurement opportunities.
2. Major media at home and abroad will give a large number of report prior and during the exhibition for the venture capital institutions, industry experts, certification bodies, hotels, property companies, real estate, business, scientific research institutions, government agencies, enterprises and other well-known enterprises.
3. Invite wide range of energy trade organizations, manufacturers, distributors, traders, decision makers, environmental protection and scientific research academy to the exhibition and presented meetings.
4. Invite overseas buyers/investor from all over the world to come to visit form procurement/financing.
5. Targeted technical exchange seminars and academic lectures, press conferences, new product introductions hosted by expects, government municipals, certification bodies and well-known business enterprise will attract many visitors. (detaied information available)
6. Press Release--expand the influence of this New Energy Expo.
7. Take part in the similar events both in China and the neighboring countries to promote.


No. 980 Xingang Dong Rd, Haizhu District

Additional Information

Ⅳ. Exhibition Fee Standard Booth (3m×3m) USD 2,500 /booth (added 10% booth fees for the corner Stand and Two-side-open) Booth Facilities: three boards, carpet, 2 lights, door lintel (both Chinese and English), one desk, two chairs, one dustbin. Other facilities wanted can self-supply or rent from the Exhibition Hall in advance. Indoor Space Only USD 250 / m2 At least 36㎡, not to provide any equipment, But a per square meters to add ¥50 construction management fees, on their own or entrust design and decoration. Technology Seminar USD1000/hr space, desk, chairs, water, 1 projection, 2 microphones, screen and help to organize the audiences. Sponsorship Rank A:RMB9,8000 Rank B:RMB6,8000 Rank C:RMB3,8000 Enjoy Added Service Detail Information are available Ⅴ.Bulletin and ads Cover RMB 28000 Company profile RMB 1000 Back cover RMB 22000 flag RMB 80/flag Title page RMB 12000 Rainbow Door RMB 6000 / Period Inside front cover, inside back cover or cross-page RMB 9000 Gift bag RMB 20000/5000 bags Color pages RMB 8000 Balloon RMB 3000/Period Black-and-white pages RMB 3000 visitor’s manual Ad RMB 30000 / 30000 sheets Listing On The Spot: RMB1000/㎡ Remark: Bulletin Size(21.0CM×28.5CM),film provided by the exhibitors would not be retrieved. VI. Guild to Your Application The principle to arrange the booth: "First come, first arrangement; first payment, first confirmed" a.Fill out the "exhibitors contract" carefully and fax to the organizing committee after the official seal. b.the exhibition fee should be transferred to the account of Guangzhou Grandeur Exhibition Service Co., Ltd within five working days after exhibition application is signed and sealed by both parties. c. once the booth is confirmed, the "exhibi manual" will reach the exhibitors. d. the official invoice would be issued by the commitee during the exhibition to all the exhibitors.