Using TRIZ to Accelerate Medical Device Technology Transfer: Solving Impossible Engineering and Des

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Location: Virtual Conference, United States

Event Date/Time: Jun 22, 2009 End Date/Time: Jun 22, 2009
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Now medical devicemakers are discovering TRIZ’s powers to solve “impossible” design challenges ... and you can too!

Trial and error was tedious and time-wasting. Brainstorming didn’t even work. (One engineer working alone gets better results than a brainstorming group, researchers have found.) You’ve tried Six Sigma and LEAN, but this problem has you stumped. Then someone whispers that a competitor has worked out the solution using ... TRIZ.

Even the name is odd — TRIZ (pronounced “trees”), a Russian acronym that translates as "the theory of inventors’ problem solving.” But Fortune 500 companies such as Procter & Gamble, Ford Motor, Boeing, and many others, swear by TRIZ for solving complex technical and organizational problems. And now, devicemakers are discovering TRIZ to solve their knottiest challenges ... the ones that make engineers grit their teeth and mutter, “This is impossible!”

Why is TRIZ, a problem-solving method invented 70 years ago by an obscure engineer in the former Soviet Union, taking medical device manufacturing by storm? And how can it help turn your products into market leaders?

The answers are a click away.

Log on Monday, June 22, to participate in the first TRIZ online seminar exclusively for medical device manufacturers ...

Using TRIZ to Accelerate Medical Device Technology Transfer:
Solving “Impossible” Engineering and Design Problems

In just an hour and a half, you’ll discover a systematic new approach to problem-solving, one that relies on vast databases of effective solutions, relentless step-by-step logic, and laser-focus on best outcomes at lowest cost. You’ll discover:

Solution patterns that predict breakthroughs to the toughest problems ...
How to identify where TRIZ will be most effective, then benchmark results ...
Speedier test methods ...
Easy-to-use documentation methods that comply fully with FDA requirements ...
How to scale up from lab prototype to full commercialization and production ...
Why logic and data trump intuition in solving engineering and invention challenges ...
And much more!
Meet Your Instructor
Ellen Domb Ph.D. is “Ms. TRIZ.” She authored the best-selling TRIZ primer Simplified TRIZ and the strategic-planning book Beyond Strategic Vision. Domb is principal TRIZ consultant for the PQR Group, Upland Calif., and founding editor of The TRIZ Journal. Her clients include Dow Chemical, Hewlett-Packard, 3M and many other entrepreneurial and emerging companies.

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Who Will Benefit?
This webinar is designed to get you up to speed fast so you can start using TRIZ to develop new products and improve existing ones. It’s ideal if you’re just starting out with TRIZ, but even seasoned TRIZ users will pick up tricks and pointers. Is it right for you? Scan this checklist:

Manufacturing directors and supervisors
Strategic planners and business developers
Project managers
Clinical trial specialists
Clinical research associates
QA/QC personnel
Compliance officers
Consultants/service providers


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