Event Date/Time: Jun 25, 2009 End Date/Time: Jun 26, 2009
Registration Date: Jun 25, 2009
Early Registration Date: Jun 25, 2009
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A free public conference on how the US can deliver climate security, energy security and economic security, featuring 16 leading experts from both sides of the Atlantic including:

Richard Heinberg (New book - Blackout – coal climate and the last energy crisis)
David Orr (Earth in Mind and Ecological Literacy)
Sir John Houghton (IPCC - 1st & 2nd Assessments)
Colin Hines (The Green New Deal)
Paul Allen (Zero Carbon Britain)

The Convergence on Zero conference brings together leading environmental thinkers and doers to share their experience with the public. Opening with an analysis of our global challenges the event moves on to explore the options available to fix our broken systems and strengthen those that are still working.

The conference is part of the Welsh focus in the Smithsonian Folklife Festival 2009.

A transition to zero emissions is required in energy, economics, buildings, land-use and all aspects of modern life. The convergence outlines how we can to roll out solutions at a pace capable of delivering energy security, economic recovery and the greenhouse gas reductions so urgently demanded by our science.

The Convergence on Zero will be grounded within real life experience and will focus on implementing solutions that are applicable to all communities in this time of change. Two days of knowledge exchange and collaborative problem solving on the 25th - 26th June will inspire a movement from words to action.

Rhodri Morgan, First Minister for Wales, will open the conference by discussing his nation's plan to cut fossil fuel use by 90% over coming years. For more information visit www.wales.com/smithsonian.

This conference has been developed and coordinated by the Centre for Alternative Technology. www.cat.org.uk.


Additional Information

The conference is FREE. To register go to www.convergenceonzero.org.