Event Date/Time: Oct 19, 2009 End Date/Time: Oct 24, 2009
Early Registration Date: Oct 11, 2009
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Please join us as we present SANS Tokyo 2009 Autumn on October 19 - 24! We are partnering with NRI SecureTechnologies to present three of SANS' most popular courses:

-Security 401: SANS Security Essentials Bootcamp Style Masafumi Negishi (IIJ Technology)
Satoshi Hayashi (Symantec Japan)

-Security 504: Hacker Techniques, Exploits & Incident Handling John Strand (Black Hills Information Security)

-Audit 507: Auditing Networks, Perimeters & Systems David Hoelzer (Enclave Forensics)

* Please note Security 401 is taught in Japanese language by Japanese instructors. More Information: visit Japanese website; http://www.entryweb.jp/sans/training/courses/sec401-2.html

With attackers leveraging huge numbers of hosts to overwhelm common defense mechanisms it is vital that we defend our organization's resources and networks. This means being educated about current threats and vulnerabilities and how to combat them. Let SANS help you get up to speed fast!

In Security 401, Masafumi Negishi and Satoshi Hayashi will cover the survival skills an information security team member needs. This program prepares you for GSEC certification and helps accelerate your career in security. Security 401 is also a requirement for the MSISE advanced degree from the SANS Technology Institute.

In Security 504, John Strand will teach you to detect malicious code and respond on the fly. You'll learn how your networks appear to hackers, how they gain access with special emphasis on the newer attack vectors, and what they do when they get in - especially in manipulating the system to hide their work.
You'll master the proven six-step process of incident handling so you are prepared to be the technical leader of the incident handling team. This course prepares you for GCIH certification and is a requirement for both the MSISE and MSISM advanced degrees from the SANS Technology Institute.

In Audit 507, David Hoelzer will teach you various high-level audit issues and general audit best practice. You will have the opportunity to dive deep into the technical how-to for determining the key controls that can be used to provide a level of assurance to an organization. This course prepares you for GSNA certification.

So join us in the battle for a secure global Internet community by registering today for SANS Tokyo 2009 Autumn! We guarantee that you will return to work with practical, relevant knowledge and skills you can use immediately to secure your organization's critical resources.


Akihabara UDX South Wing 6F, 4-14-1 Sotokannda, Chiyoda-ku,
101-00 21

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- Register & pay by Wednesday, October 11, 2009 to receive a tuition discount.