Designing a Campus-Wide Cyber-Behavior Risk Awareness Program

Venue: Online

Location: Online, Other

Event Date/Time: Aug 03, 2009
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Students, faculty, and staff are often unaware how their identities, reputations, personal safety, and personal and institutional data can be threatened in a world of mobile communications and online social networks–and how their behavior online may expose them to legal risk. Regardless of institutional type and size, a comprehensive risk awareness program, grounded in policies that comply with current federal and state legislative requirements, can significantly help close the risk gap.

Join us online for a two-part webcast to learn how to mobilize staff in key offices throughout the institution to implement a campus-wide cyber-behavior risk awareness program that is aligned with current federal and state legislation. You will learn about:

* Forms of identity risk, abuse, and consequences
* New and updated federal and state legislation impacting privacy and identity theft prevention
* Behaviors and attitudes that raise security risks
* Privacy policies and vulnerabilities of popular social networking services
* Catalyzing buy-in for a campus-wide cyber-behavior risk awareness program
* Partnership roles for different campus departments and organizations
* Timing, tactics, and channels for a comprehensive awareness program



Additional Information

Who should attend: Institutional leaders who are currently driving (or who might drive in the future) a broad cyber-behavior risk awareness program as well as managers in affected divisions will learn the legal and policy context and what elements should be considered for a comprehensive program. This could include vice presidents/directors of student affairs, information technology, and human resources, as well as general counsels/attorneys, academic affairs administrators, and campus security/safety officers.