ExL Pharmas European Lean Sigma and Kaizen for Life Sciences R&D

Venue: Hotel Concorde Montparnasse

Location: Paris, France

Event Date/Time: Sep 10, 2009 End Date/Time: Sep 11, 2009
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At the 2nd Lean Sigma & Kaizen for Pharma R&D event, over 30 different pharmaceutical companies in attendance discussed being confronted with increasing development time and costs for new drug development, and a decreasing probability of technical success. They all agreed that the rate of new drug approvals is not keeping pace with the rising cost of R&D spending, and investment into innovation is becoming very risky.

Incorporating process improvement methodology – Lean & Six Sigma – was a solution that has proven to provide significant financial benefits and reductions to development cycle times. Increased drug candidate quality, meeting patient recruitment goals and decreasing outsourcing budgets are just a few of the results that continuous improvement has driven. R&D and innovation do provide a different set of challenges then the traditional application to manufacturing, but process improvement efforts are still a fit for R&D.

I urge you to join us this September and continue the discussion. Hear presentations from senior-level executives sharing applications of process improvement tools across the life sciences R&D and clinical spectrums. Find out why Six Sigma belts are required for some pharma executives and reap the financial benefits that process improvement is providing.

I look forward to seeing you in Paris.


Additional Information

This Summit is specifically designed for C-Levels, Department Heads, Vice Presidents, Directors and Managers at pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies from the following departments: * Clinical/R&D Operations, Research * Clinical Quality Assurance/Control * Clinical Outsourcing -- Planning and Vendor Management * Strategic Business Development/Operations * Project/Study Management/Project Planning * Clinical Trial Capacity Planning/Management * Clinical Trial Process Improvement/Enhancement * Process Excellence * Clinical Compliance * Clinical Safety * Metrics and Benchmarking Development * Performance Management * Global Strategic Operations * Data Management * Business Development/Operations * Strategic Development This conference is also of interest to: * Clinical Research Organizations * Business Process Consultants * Quality Improvement and Statistics * Software Providers * Academic Clinical Research Institutes * Six Sigma Project Management Providers