Bar Coding, RFID & Automatic Identification Systems

Venue: Al-Khobar

Location: Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Event Date/Time: Nov 14, 2009 End Date/Time: Nov 16, 2009
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Bar Code, RFID, and Automatic Identification (Auto ID) usage is practically mandatory. It is cost effective, competitive, and accurate, and, if you or yourcustomers don't require it now, you will shortly!

This course explores ALL of its uses! Bar Codes, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), and other Auto ID techniques are ways to gather information with minimum human involvement, providing accurate and rapid collection and dissemination of data through Automatic Data Capture (ADC). Instituting ADC allows you to know exactly what you have and where it is at all times in the organization’s supply chain.

The process uses computer technology to enter information accurately and quickly into an
organization's data system. Therefore, the information supplied by Bar Code/RF/Auto
ID systems makes it possible to operate in an almost "paperless" supply chain environment, even in conjunction with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and the internet.

With the advent of programmable terminals and radio frequency, personal computing has provided you with a powerful, inexpensive, and accessible means for automatically collecting, storing, manipulating and reporting information.

Applications include labor tracking, quality control, inventory control, shipping and receiving, distribution, warehousing, invoicing, transportation and much more.

Attend and learn about bar code symbologies, RFID, scanner technologies, printer
technologies, integration with IT, project cost justification techniques and many more
applications to increase your supply chain resilience.

Not only is this seminar designed to help you strip away the hype and reveal what Bar
Coding/RFID/Auto ID is all about, but you will learn specifically how it can be useful to

This is not a seminar to delve into the details and inner working of how a bar code is generated, what its technical components are, or how many centimeters of space should exist between bars. This seminar is designed to help you determine how to get the most out of the use of automatic data capture, collection, and identification technologies.


Additional Information

See what your competitors are doing. Review the various mandatory implementations for international sales, shipping, and security. Increase productivity and keep costs down. · What is the relationship between industry and government mandates with respect to the use of bar coding, RFID and Auto ID technology · How to implement an Auto ID system in your company · How and why to expand what you already have in place · How to justify an equipment or system Return On Investment · Why companies are demanding that their suppliers implement an RFID strategy · How collaboration and the supply chain are connected · Which automatic data collection technology to use in different applications · How to use the vast data you'll capture to save money and cycle time · Which supply chain management systems to investigate · How EDI and the internet fit into the collaborative supply chain · How to use technology to help bridge the gap between disparate enterprise systems