WEBINAR: D3: Data Driven Decisions - A New Paradigm for Managing Large Scale SEO Programs (Managing Large Scale)

Venue: Online

Location: New York, United States

Event Date/Time: Jul 15, 2009
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For large advertisers, the opportunities presented by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) continue to be significant and largely unexploited. Since the economies in the US and Europe began to slow down in the third quarter of 2008, a majority of surveys conducted with senior marketers regarding ’09 and ’10 priorities have revealed that a.) large companies are intently focused on lead generation and b.) SEO is considered the leading program by which to drive these results.

Specific to large organizations, there are a series of significant internal barriers that need to be overcome in order to take advantage of SEO opportunities. Chief among those challenges is scalability, meaning the structure, processes, management and metrics for SEO has to be scalable – given the size and complexity of the sites for these organizations.