Asian SME Summit Colombo

Venue: BMICH

Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka

Event Date/Time: Aug 07, 2009 End Date/Time: Aug 08, 2009
Registration Date: Jul 30, 2009
Abstract Submission Date: Jul 15, 2009
Paper Submission Date: Jul 25, 2009
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It is increasingly recognised that the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) play a crucial role in employment creation and income generation in the Asian Region. SMEs all over the world and in Asia particular can be easily established since their requirements in terms of capital; technology, management and even utilities are not as demanding as it is the case for large enterprises.

SMEs development is closely associated with more equitable distribution of income and thus important as regards poverty alleviation. At the same time, SMEs serve as a training ground for emerging entrepreneurs in some of the Asian region, the full potential of the SME sector has yet to be tapped due to the existence of a number of constraints hampering the development of the sector.

They include: unfavorable legal and regulatory framework, undeveloped infrastructure, limited access of SMEs to finance, inadequate support for training and development, inadequate support or youth and women entrepreneurs, ineffective and poorly coordinated business development services, institutional support framework etc. It is for this reason that this SME Development Policies are to be formulated so as to address the constraints and to tap the full potential of the sector. Ad hoc and piecemeal measures will then be replaced with sustainable, integrated and coordinated interventions. These policies will serve as guidelines to all stakeholders and thus stimulate new enterprises to be established and existing ones to grow and become more competitive. The expected outcome is to have a significantly increased contribution of the SME sector to economic development of Sri Lanka and also should contribute to the networking and market growth in the Asian region.

The policy preparation process is participatory. The ASIAN SME Summit will conduct several workshops to discuss the status of the sector and to lay down strategies for boosting the development of the sector. Based on the inputs received, a draft policy document is to be prepared and again discussed by stakeholders.

Therefore, the support of the Business Community, Decision makers, Donors, Chambers and Academia and Business service providers’ assistances is needed to formulates the white papers to be submitted to the Government.


Within the broader objective to accelerate SME development through enhancing cooperation among the ACD member countries, the following sub-objectives have been identified to focus at the forthcoming conference.

· Sharing knowledge and experience of ACD member countries on effective policy tools/interventions and best practices for SME development,

· identify and propose new approaches towards capacity building, research and development and networking opportunities among ACD countries,

· Propose necessary steps & work towards monitoring and evaluation by establishing a set of information bases and developing appropriate indicators to monitor and facilitate decision making on SME development within national boundaries as well as for international comparisons.


The conference will focus on SME policy related issues within national boundaries as well as co-operation among ACD countries. Policy interventions, best practices, facilitating different modes of SME networks and businesses across boundaries & removing barriers, strengthening entrepreneurial education, capacity building, research and development and reforms to enhance SME competitiveness. Key issues related to Intellectual Property rights for Technology Transfer to SMEs, financing, monitoring and evaluation will be addressed at the conference. In addition, the conference will work towards developing mechanisms for sharing knowledge and information among ACD countries.


It is proposed that the following methodology be adopted for the summit.

In addition to the country papers to be submitted by all participating ACD member countries, it is proposed to commission a research study by a recognized professional with SME background in each of the following countries.

Thailand China Vietnam Philippines

Malaysia India Singapore Sri Lanka

The research studies and the presentations at the Summit will focus on objectives stated above and would include among others the following aspects of SME developments in the respective countries successfully implemented during the last 10 years. These research studies and the presentations will be undertaken in consultation with private sector chambers representing the SME sectors in those countries.

* Innovative and effective public policy reforms and strategic interventions.
* Institutional framework, capacity building and research and development.
* Access to market based BDS Services (National & International) Business incubation, mechanisms of effective networking and information dissemination.
* Access to Finance and credit facilities
* Innovative technologies and value chain promotion for SME development
* Online entrepreneurs; and e-Business Solutions
* Youth and Women Entrepreneur Development
* Public Private Partnership

Each country will be requested to elaborate and concentrate more on specific areas of activity depending on the success and effectiveness. Eg. Singapore: e-business and Marketing, Thailand: Agribusiness, Vietnam: Public Private Partnership, Malaysia: Incubators & Clusters, China: Rural SME Development.

Language of conducting the proceedings of the Summit will be English


BMICH Colombo
Sri Lanka

Additional Information

Who Should Attend * Educators * Policy-makers, Advisers * Researchers * Financiers * Practitioners, business community * Support Organizations among other National and international organizations engaged in developing and promoting the SME sector will be invited to participate at the Summit at their own cost. These include ACD members, SAARC Chamber, UNDP, UNIDO, UNESCAP, ADB, The World Bank, IFC, USAID, GTZ, WASME, ILO, APO, JICA, CACCI, KOICA, HRD KOREA etc. Business and professional benefits gained by attending include: * Hear the latest advances in entrepreneurship and small business * Present and publish your research to academic and policy-makers * Interact with nationally and respect figures and SME policy-makers * Grow your networks and establish new working relationships * Learn leading-edge trends in entrepreneurship and small business Registration Fee US$200