Event Date/Time: Apr 07, 2010 End Date/Time: Apr 08, 2010
Paper Submission Date: Dec 01, 2009
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The annual conference established since 2004. The 2009 Conference was attended by over 300 participants, and 131 papers were presented by authors from 15 countries.

Primary topics
- Legal and regulatory framework of waste management
- Sanitary, environmental, institutional and economic aspects of waste management
- Waste management technologies, equipment and services
- Landfill construction and operation
- Radioactive and toxic waste treatment
- Wastewater treatment. Sludge management. Sludge fields
- Air emissions. Gaseous emission treatment. Dust and slag management
- Waste to energy
- Informational, programming and metrological support
- Environmental insurance systems, certification, standardization, audit, due diligence review
- Public participation in waste management.

This is a business-oriented event. Subjects, which are purely academic and have no practical value, will not be considered.

Participation in the Conference is beneficial to companies, which intend to promote their waste management technologies, equipment and services in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries, or interested in know-how of CIS specialists.

Please for more details see http://www.waste.com.ua/cooperation/.
For a printable version of the First announcement and Call for Papers click http://www.waste.com.ua/cooperation/einfo.rtf .

Deadline for papers is 1 December 2009.
The rules for paper preparation are here http://www.waste.com.ua/cooperation/erules.html, the conditions of participation - http://www.waste.com.ua/cooperation/econdition.html.

To learn about the Conference topics more, you may wish to view the Contents of the previous Conference Proceedings:
http://www.waste.com.ua/cooperation/2005/theses/index.html#econtents (2005)
http://www.waste.com.ua/cooperation/2006/theses/index.html#contents (2006)
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http://www.waste.com.ua/cooperation/2009/contents.html#contents (2009).