2nd Annual Lean in Healthcare

Venue: St. Andrew’s Club and Conference Centre

Location: Toronto, Canada

Event Date/Time: Sep 21, 2009 End Date/Time: Sep 22, 2009
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Interest in the application of lean principles to healthcare service delivery is continuing to gain momentum as increasing numbers of
hospitals and other health service providers see positive results once they adopt this methodology. Although ideally implemented
in a ‘top down’ fashion to an entire organization at once, most of those who have tried it have done so in a ‘staged’ approach,
beginning with the ED or the lab, almost as an experiment using very few resources. Despite the limited application, organizations
are amazed at the transformative results obtained. Lean is often described as ‘common sense’ – which is obviously not so common or
many of the methods involved would have already been employed, and wait times for some medical services would not be as long.

Recognizing that efficiencies gained at the front end of patient throughput only moves problems further down the chain, many of the early adopters have moved to apply lean throughout the entire organization in order to gain the full benefit of their initial
success. A major stumbling block in applying lean throughout the organization is in attempting to transfer knowledge gained by
one employee to others. Lean introduces a new way of thinking; communicating this, and introducing the culture change that comes with it is often very difficult. This Insight conference will provide examples of the successful adoption of lean principles from
different organizations as well as an in-depth view of how to successfully tackle the first hurdle of communicating lean methodology
and culture to others in your organization.