4th Annual Entertainment Industries Summit

Venue: St. Andrew’s Club and Conference Centre

Location: Toronto, Canada

Event Date/Time: Oct 19, 2009 End Date/Time: Oct 19, 2009
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As the distribution of media and entertainment content continues to evolve with technology, the choices available to consumers in how content is accessed have increased considerably. In order for any new method of distributing and accessing content to become
sustainable however, systems of payment must be adopted that fairly compensate all stakeholders for their respective contributions
both as content creators and those involved in its distribution. While simple in principle, this basic concept is a continuing source of
frustration for many of those involved along the value chain for a variety of reasons, and in many respects could still be considered
experimental as some business models seem to be succeeding while others are struggling.

Fundamental to any system of compensation however, is a copyright regime that reflects the current realities of the online
environment and unfortunately, Canada has not kept pace with other countries in updating its Copyright Act. This has had the effect of undermining Canadian creators and copyright owners in the online environment where file sharing has already caused serious erosion of revenue for the music industry and is threatening to do the same to the film and TV production sectors. Upholding the
principles of the Broadcasting Act in this environment will be exceptionally challenging and was the subject of the CRTC’s recent
New Media hearing.

Additionally the economic downturn has put even greater financial pressure on broadcasters as advertising revenues have dropped substantially, putting the continued viability of local stations in jeopardy. Whether this situation is merely cyclical or the beginning of the end for traditional broadcasters is going to continue to be the subject of intense debate as the fee-for-carriage issue could represent a watershed ‘make or break’ event.