Miami Internet Marketing Workshop

Venue: Miami

Location: Miami, United States

Event Date/Time: Sep 21, 2009
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If you are reading this advertisement then you can see first hand that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) does works, and it can work for your website and Online Business too. By implementing the powerful strategies and techniques that you will learn from the Miami Internet Marketing Workshop you too will be able to increase awareness, drive traffic, engage possible consumers and turn them into customers who will purchase your online product or service.

If you want to learn these extremely value strategies and techniques, then Register Today for the Miami Internet Marketing Workshop, with SEO expert George Brown on September 21 - 22, 2009 in Miami.

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Internet Marketing Workshop- SEO involves both, art, and science in order to create a well designed, yet Search Engine friendly and compatible website. Search Engines like Google and Yahoo are a complex computer program, used to search for information of interest from the World Wide Web. The search engine does not, distinguish or give extract recognition or value to a "cool", or "flashy" looking website and it will not help your page rankings because a Search Engine does not comprehend graphics or pictures.

A scientifically based judgement of your web pages, which is of value to a Search Engine, and what it does understand, can only be done through sheer mathematics. 
Therefore, you must first design your site in the way that a computer, or Search Engine, would value it. Second, you should design your site in a graphically pleasing, user friendly way, in which potential clients would like to see it, and use it.

During the 2 day intensive, Miami Internet Marketing Workshop Training Seminar you will learn tool and techniques required to get your website and online business to the top of the Search Engines. If you want to get more out of your online business and want to learn more details about this workshop and to register for this event, Click Here!

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At the Miami Internet Marketing Workshop learn:

- How to increase traffic to your website
- How to find web demographics
- ROI - What is your return of investment per Search Engine, per visitor?
- How to generate more business through your website
- Learn the secrets of how the Search Engines work
- The mathematics behind Google, MSN, and Yahoo
- Top 10 ways to increase your ranking today
- 10 ways to ruin your ranking
- 7 successful plans for getting highly ranked in the entire Search Engines
- How keyword research will increase your success
- How to give away the farm, and generate more business
- How to create and use Link Farms
- Article submission
- How to create media buzz around your website
- 5 proven rules of general web design
- How Search Engines work when pictures and graphics are present
- And much, much more!

So take your online business to the next level and increase traffic, increase awareness, increase interest, increase sales and increase your wealth online. Join George Brown For The Miami Internet Marketing Workshop on September 21 - 22, 2009. Register Now!

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