International Conference The Problems of Legal Regulation of Refugee Status (Refugee2009)

Venue: Hotel Uzhgorod

Location: Uzhgorod, Zakarpattya, Ukraine

Event Date/Time: Sep 25, 2009 End Date/Time: Sep 27, 2009
Registration Date: Sep 10, 2009
Early Registration Date: Sep 01, 2009
Abstract Submission Date: Sep 01, 2009
Paper Submission Date: Sep 10, 2009
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Name of event: «International Conference for Law Students and Young Lawyers «The Problems of Legal Regulation of Refugee Status» (under the auspices of the Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Mrs. Maud de Boer-Buquicchio)
Date: 25-27 September 2009 (27 September – optional day)
Deadline for the applications: 31 August 2009 till 23:59 PM
Venue: Uzhgorod, Uzhgorod National University Law Faculty.
Working language: English, Ukrainian, Russian.
Number of participants (students from other countries): 20 persons.
AIM: to promote the idea of Human Rights among law students and young lawyers and to involve law students and young lawyer in the discussion of actual problems concerning with rights and freedoms of refugees and to analyze the problems of legal regulation of refugees status and the practical solutions of this problems.
- To increase the legal culture, legal knowledges and skills of law students and young lawyers.
- To facilitate the studying the legislation on refugees by law students and young lawyers.
- To analyse and define failings and gaps in Ukrainian and legislations of other countries.
- To define and understand international refugee and human rights law standards.
- To discuss this topic with specialists, experts, people which work in this sphere, refugees.
Short exposition of project:
Our Conference stipulates active involvement of the participants in the discussion of actual problems in legal regulation of refugee status including comparative law analysis of Refugee law in all European countries.
International society try to resolve refugee problems for a long period of time but the refugee rights are often breaking, new categories of necessitated migrators appear and other problems arise, that’s why involvement of law students and young lawyers is very important to help them to be internationally minded and professionally skilled and to encourage them to act for the good of society.
The participants in the conference will be experts of the leading universities of Ukraine, representatives of the local branch of the National Institute for Strategic Studies in Uzhgorod, representatives of the State Committee on Nationalities and Religions in the Transcarpathian region and representative of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, legal consultant of the Federal Asylum Office, Ministry of the Interior Republic of Austria.
Participants submit their application forms together with the presentations / theses to the Organizing Committee till 31 August 2009. These theses will be printed and given to the participants and experts during the conference. At the time of the event a trip to the refugee asylum in Mukachevo is planned.
The result of this scientific conference will be the preparation of the recommendations and written proposals on the legal regulation of refugee status and submitting them to the Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian legislative body).

The conference will be held with the division into two sections:
Section I - General theoretical issues will be considered;
Section II – It is devoted to the legal problems of definition of refugee status and protection of refugee’s rights.
Recommended topics for reports:
Section I:
- The global crisis in the world and its linkage to the refugees (the costs of refugee’s maintenance, the problem of their work, etc.);
- Ukraine – the tunnel into Europe;
- General legal standards of refugee’s rights;
Section ІІ:
- The implications of EU enlargement of the migration processes for Ukraine;
- The rights and freedoms of refugees in the legislations of EU countries: commons and differences.
Participants can choose their own theme for the conference.

Requirements for thesis design:
 text - Microsoft Word for Windows; *doc;
 amount – not more than 3 pages А4;
 margin: top 15, bottom 15, left 20, right 15 mm;
 type – Times New Roman 14;
 line spacing − 1,5;
 name of a file should contain the surname of it’s author transliterated into English;
There will be a competition on the “best speech” within the conference. The winner will be granted with diploma and valuable prizes.
The report of the winner will be published in a professional legal magazine!
All participants will get certificates and collections of theses of all lectures and reports.

Expected results:
1. The attraction of the attention of law students and young lawyers to the magnitude and actuality of the refugee’s problems in Ukraine and in the whole world.
2. Professional knowledges of law students and young lawyers on the problems of legal regulation of refugee status and international standards of refugee’s rights.
3. The preparation of the recommendations and proposals for improvement the legal regulation of refugee’s status and submitting them to the Supreme Council of Ukraine.


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Registration Fees: For ELSA Member - 26 Euro per Day For non ELSA Members - 35 Euro per Day These costs are for the accomodation of participants. Video Presentation -