Event Date/Time: Sep 18, 2009 End Date/Time: Sep 20, 2009
Registration Date: Sep 19, 2009
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The BIG Weekend. Three Magical Days that will Change Your Life. Forever.

The launch pad for everything and anything you want in your life.

In 3 amazing days you will uncover what is holding you back, retrain the way you think and react to situations and break through any obstacles that held you back from living your ultimate life.

By the end of The Big Weekend, you will be The New U. And you’ll be unbreakable.

The Power of Four

Think of life as 4 key areas that need to be in alignment to live your ultimate life: Love & Relationships, Money & Business, Health & Vitality and Personal Power & Purpose.

Led by expert trainers, in a safe, secure environment you will develop yourself rapidly in each of these areas using fun, fast, powerful, safe change techniques. We understand that you have a unique way of learning and what works for you may not work for someone else. The Big Weekend has something - a lot - for everyone.

This is no cookie-cutter approach to personal development. At The Big Weekend you will focus on those areas in your life that need attention, identify your issues and address them on the spot.

Here’s what you’ll experience at The Big Weekend in each of the 4 areas:

Money & Business:

1. •The 1 hour MBA - The secrets to success in any business
2. •Marketing 101 – Marketing is the only thing that brings money in to you business
3. •Sales 101 – Everybody sells, and you’ve been doing it your whole life
4. •Negotiation Skills – All day, every day
5. •How to ignite the Renegade Business Person within

Health & Vitality:

1. •7 Secrets to ultimate health – one of which is definately NOT what you think!
2. •Mental exercise – what is it and how do you do it?
3. •Power Foods – 150 everyday foods for ultimate health
4. •Create an action plan that is doable – for you!
5. •No snake oil – Everything you will learn in Health & Vitality has been tested & proven

Love & Relationships:

1. •Personality 101
2. •Hot Buttons - How to find them, How to push them and yes, how to undo them!
3. •Understanding Masculine & Feminine Energy
4. •The Single key to attracting the most important person in your life
5. •How to instantaneously rekindle the feeling of when you first met

Power & Purpose:

1. •You will learn how to be Unbreakable – in your word, your spirit and your soul
2. •Learn the process that will teach you how to vanquish fear & anxiety in your life
3. •Master techniques to overcome any obstacle
4. •How to be accountable to yourself, your goals and those important to you
5. •In a special process, you will uncover your own inner power and breakthrough whatever is holding you back from becoming the Ultimate U

Mastermind the way you want to be in all the key areas of your life. Laugh, cry, celebrate...

The BIG Weekend. 3 days you will never forget.


9620 Airport Boulevard
Los Angeles
United States

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Pricing for The BIG Weekend Training is only $99 - Guaranteed Incredible, or your money back.