Climate Change and You: Putting a Face on Global Warming (EcoRes Forum 2009)

Venue: Online

Location: Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Event Date/Time: Oct 19, 2009 End Date/Time: Oct 28, 2009
Abstract Submission Date: Sep 21, 2009
Paper Submission Date: Oct 11, 2009
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"Climate Change and You: Putting a Face on Global Warming"

EcoRes Forum Online E-Conference | 19-28 October 2009



Dear Colleagues,

You are invited to join the EcoRes Forum from 19-28 October 2009 for "Climate Change and You: Putting a Face on Global Warming,” the third and final in this series of Internet-based discussions.

Much of what one hears about climate destabilization focuses on distant places and populations – seemingly surreal stories of submerging islands, earthquakes and flooding in faraway lands, polar bears on a distant ice floe. All of these scenarios are real. All of them are deadly serious. Yet there’s a very real, very tangible personal side to climate change that some of us have failed to fully consider. Climate change is happening, but not just to “others.” Climate change is happening to me. It’s happening to you.

How will these changes affect our lives, our livelihoods, our health, our children’s future? What personal choices and actions might we make to offset further change? How can we prepare for the changes we’re already
locked into? Are there linkages between the personal, ecological, economical, social, and spiritual aspects of these changes that we have as yet overlooked? If we are the ones we have been looking for, if the answers to this challenge lie within us, what are the opportunities, responsibilities, and implications of this time, this Great Turning?

With registrants from over 90 countries, this event offers each participant a unique opportunity to share your work with global citizens from all walks of life, from concerned individuals to academics and activists, from community leaders to UN, World Bank, and IPCC representatives. We invite you to join us in this final gathering of the EcoRes Forum, as we strive to empower
participants by sharing knowledge, exploring common interests, and working together to chart our path forward.

This final e-conference will have a dual platform, with discussions ongoing via both email and online boards. Conversations take place 24/7, as Special Guests and Participants take part at their convenience from around the world. Proposals for self-directed breakout discussions on related subjects may be
submitted to Each selected presentation will be provided with a unique webpage and unlimited discussions threads within the Forum website, with limited server space provided for presentation materials.
Deadline for proposals: 21 September 2009

For more information or to register for the October event, please visit the EcoRes Forum at

On behalf of all Forum participants, to the seventh generation and beyond,

Mary Leyser
EcoRes Forum



EcoRes Forum Online E-Conference #3

Scope of the Conference

Health & Nutrition: Shifting vectors & disease prevention; Your diet and Planet Earth: Think global, eat local; Holistic health and traditional medicines; Redefining special needs; ...

Economics and Eco-Lifestyles: Sustainable, simple living; People and planet-friendly choices; Reshaping our footprints and redefining shelter; ...

Safe, Sufficient, Sustainable Resources: Production & accessibility; Shortages & security; Supply & demand: What this means for you; Caring for our own spaces: “beyond resource management”; ...

Brave New [Work] World: Green jobs and you; Change management: New markets, new me; Reimagining our options; ...

Our Great Work: Spiritual and ethical perspectives; Indigenous wisdom and initiatives: “Grandmothers Counsel the World”, “Awakening the Dreamer”, and more; Our role in the Great Turning; ...

Getting Along on a Smaller Planet: Environmental refugees & immigration: Not just for islands; Intercultural communication, sensitivity, and you; Xenophobia’s many faces; ...

Green Your Scene: Bringing sustainability to your home and office; Alternative transportation: From feet to fuel cells; Renewable energy: Mother Nature provided; ...

And more...


About the EcoRes Forum E-Conference Series

The EcoRes Forum E-Conference Series launched in 2007 with the dialogue “From Anthropocentrism to Ecocentrism: Making the Shift.” Over 700 registrants from 80+ countries took part in a spirited discussion that culminated in the Forum’s “Call to Action: Achieving Global Climate Justice in the 21st Century.” This was followed in 2008 by the e-conference “Environmental (in)Justice: Sources and Solutions.”

This series brings together academics and activists, scientists and social critics, researchers, journalists, community leaders and members from around the world, offering a unique opportunity to learn from and network with like-minded global citizens. By offering the series free of change, crossing cultural, disciplinary and geopolitical borders, and removing the financial and logistical barriers to participation often encountered by those whom climate change threatens most, EcoRes works to encourage wide-ranging stakeholder participation, with registrants from over 90 countries taking part in previous issue discussions.

Previous Guests and Featured Speakers have included Sir John Houghton, former IPCC Chairman and lead editor of the first three IPCC reports; Mohan Munasinghe, IPCC Vice Chair and Senior Advisor to the Government of Sri Lanka; John Allen, inventor and co-founder of Biosphere 2; Minu Hemmati, gender cc - women for climate justice; Donald Brown, Director, Consortium for Interdisciplinary Environmental Policy; Mary Lou Finley, social movement expert, activist and author of Doing Democracy, Antioch University; Jeremy Bendik-Keymer, Professor, American University of Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE; Michael Frome, author, educator, advocate & conservationist, hailed for his work on environmental stewardship; Wendy Lynne Lee, environmental philosopher and champion of ecological feminism, Bloom University; Olga Osadchuk, Chair, Sevastopol Green Planet Task Force, Sevastopol, Russia; Ted Mosquin, co-author of A Manifesto for Earth and ecospherics expert; Andrew Revkin, New York Times environment reporter and author; Karen Warren, ecofeminist philosophy pioneer and “street philosopher”; and many more.


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