Event Date/Time: Sep 11, 2009 End Date/Time: Sep 13, 2009
Registration Date: Sep 11, 2009
Early Registration Date: Sep 11, 2009
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Do you need a boost with your online marketing?

Let Jeff Mills and his Minneapolis, MN internet marketing super conference help you!

Look at these results:

“Made about $190,000 in 18 months…”

“I’ve had the privilege of knowing Jeff for about 3 years…he’s very successful in Internet marketing. I started working with Jeff, made $3,000 in my first month…and in the next 18 months I made about $190,000 online using what I learned from Jeff. ” – John Roney

5 Reasons Why You Need To Be At This Conference

1.This is the only event of its kind in the Midwest. Face it – our region of the USA has been neglected. Maybe you’ve noticed all the other seminars and conferences happen far away from here. Hey, we’re the heartland of America! We deserve our own conference. The Midwest Internet Marketing Super Conference is close to where you live, easy and inexpensive to travel to.
2.The price is reasonable. While many of the expensive marketing seminars are well worth the price of admission, it’s important we have a conference for people who can’t spend $5,000 to attend an event like this. The Midwest Internet Marketing Super Conference ticket is a mere fraction of the cost of other events — but worth as much or more than most of them.
3.You will learn from some of the very best teachers. All of our instructors have real-world experience running multi-million dollar businesses. I’ve carefully selected them based on their areas of expertise, covering all the critical areas needed to make your business successful, safe, and financially sound.
4.You’ll be surrounded by like-minded, success-oriented people. Too many times, we as entrepreneurs and small business owners are surrounded by people who don’t understand our vision, who can’t comprehend what we’re trying to do, and who fill our minds with negative thoughts and influences. At the Midwest Super Conference you’ll be surrounded by people who are like you — and who will give you positive feedback, reinforcement, and encouragement to reach your goals.
5.You will develop your own million-dollar Rolodex. The value of this cannot be overstated; the people you meet at the conference, the friendships and business relationships you form, can literally make you millions of dollars. Yes, you’ll meet and mingle with the “stars” on our faculty — but you’ll also be meeting and mingling with the future marketing stars (like you) who are attending. This is so important, we will provide you special training on how to maximize this very feature of the conference.
“At the last Midwest Super Conference I attended, I met some really great people and I was able to connect with a few who aligned with me in my businesses and we were able to use those alliances to produce over $60,000 in income just from that one event.” – Mark Hoverson, ND

in 90 days I’ve made $183,000.00—on course to my first million in 180 days. You must experience Joel’s “impact to believe it!” at the Midwest Super Conference – Declan Barnett, Internet Marketer

Date for the conference are September 11-13, for more information and FREE TICKETS, visit http://www.midwestsuperconference.com