BIOTECHNOLOGY: Great Expectations & Achievements (MCAS - BIO 2010)


Location: Namakkal, Tamilnadu, India

Event Date/Time: Jan 08, 2010 End Date/Time: Jan 09, 2010
Registration Date: Jan 08, 2010
Early Registration Date: Dec 09, 2009
Abstract Submission Date: Dec 09, 2009
Paper Submission Date: Dec 20, 2009
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Biotechnology has provided mankind very important tools which he has been using to solve many of his problems. In fact, he has been using these technologies in the making of bread, brewing of beers and other liquours, retting of flax, curing of tobacco, ripening of cheese etc. The scope of application of biotechnology keeps on increasing.
In the wake of great progress made as a result of science and technology, new challenges pose threats to the very existence of mankind. The environmental pollution is the greatest challenge of this century. Water, air, soil are all polluted. Pure water and pure air have become objects of the past. New diseases such as chicken guniya, swine-flu etc. appear all of a sudden and spread in epidemic and pandemic manner. Man has tampered with nature too much, consequently natural catastrophies such as ptsunami, whirl-winds, excessive downpour, long drought conditions or flooded situations withdrawing of sea water at coastal areas, giant waves submerging coastal areas occur throwing mankind out of gear.
Using biotechnological methods, so far, man has been able to produce golden rice, BT cotton, transgenic plants, many vaccines, antibiotics etc. Stem cell culture has enabled him to produce any organ necessary for transplantation. Gene therapy is becoming one of the methods to cure disorders and diseases.
Recently researchers have developed a successful way to grow molecular wire brushes that conduct electrical charges - a first step in developing biological fuel cells that could power pacemakers, cochlear implants and prosthetic limbs.
Immobilized microbes can break down potentially harmful phthalaltes which are widely used as additives in polymer manufacture as plasticizers. Phthalates are suspected to have the ability to cause genetic mutation and cancer.
Microbes might be used to treat industrial waste water, thereby preventing these materials from entering the environment.
The applications of biotechnology are so broad and the advantages so compelling that virtually every industry is using this technology. Most of our problems, such as globlal warming, desertification, shortage of water resources, epidemic disease, food shortage etc., are global problems and need networking of research institutions worldwide to tackle such problems. Ongoing research and applications of biotechnology clearly indicate that this revolutionary aspect has so many fruitful outcomes in almost all aspects of life. Unfortunately, most of the developing countries need much more efforts to benefit from this scientific revolution. Among the problems which hinder benefitting from biotechnology are cost, lack of public and political acceptance and evacuation of research institutions from highly qualified human resources. This necessitates regular scientific meetings and gathering of scientists and stake holders to update and exchange knowledge and experience and to develop some sort of co-operation of mutual benefits.
This congress will serve as a suitable platform for biotechnologists, stakeholders, researchers and students to discuss past achievements and benefits derived from biotechnology besides focusing on the future scope of biotechnology.
Participants can present their papers orally or by Poster. They are requested to make their abstract with not exceeding 250 words which should be in 3½ floppy disc / CD using MS-Word along with one hard copy. Only selected papers can be presented orally and the rest of the papers can be presented as posters. A poster session will be specified, where all participants will have a chance to see the posters. Cash prizes will be awarded for the best paper and for the best poster.
Participants are requested to send the registration fee, as mentioned below, along with the completed registration form to confirm their participation. Please fill in the registration form with all the details and return the application form with the prescribed fee mentioned below.
 Industrialists / Technologists - Rs. 1000/-
 Faculty from Academia - Rs. 400 /-
 Students / Research Scholars - Rs. 300 /-
 Last Date for Registration and Submission of Abstract - 9th December 2009
 Last Date for Submission of Full Paper - 24th December 2009
 Last Date to Request for Accommodation - 15th December 2009

To all delegates, food and accommodation are provided free of cost.
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Muthayammal College of Arts & Science is located at Rasipuram, a small town in Tamil Nadu 250 KM away from Chennai, 240 KM from Bangalore, 165 KM away from Coimbatore, 36 KM away from Salem, on the Rasipuram - Attur State highway. Rasipuram is well connected by bus transport with the rest of the country. Participants, after reaching Salem, Erode or Trichy by Train have to reach Rasipuram by bus. The climate at Rasipuram in January will be usually salubrious.
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