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In this ‘tight budget’ era, corporations are seeking more certainty and results to measure sponsorship as part of the overall marketing communications toolkit. Traditional reliance on sponsor recall and valuations of media exposure are simply insufficient to hold up for detailed scrutiny, and companies expect a lot more justification for their marketing expenditure. Also, the sponsorship industry no longer falls behind in terms of sophistication with their advertising cousins, showing clear signs that the value of sponsorship is improving. The changing marketing paradigm and the continual emergence of new media and channels thus facilitate a greater focus on the industry’s ‘biggest issue’ – Measuring the return on investment (ROI) of sponsorship campaigns.

Is your company utilising measurement as a tool for decision making and overall strategy?
Do you know how to qualify your sponsorship dollars from both a property & sponsors point of view?
Are you able to holistically measure & capture all returns from the multiple benefits of sponsorship?

Join us at this distinguished 2-day workshop on “Sponsorship Measurement” to debunk the often held view that sponsorship cannot be measured. Lynne will demonstrate that not only can we track and evaluate sponsorship performance, but the tools and methodologies used are similar to those being applied to other marketing mediums. Packed with real-life case studies and interactive exercises, you will learn the measurement needs of both sides of the partnership – Rightsholders and Sponsoring Brands across sport, arts, music, community, or bespoke event industries.

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