Fifth International Workshop Dependability Aspects on Data Warehousing and Mining applications (DAWAM)

Venue: Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Cracow College

Location: Krakow, Poland

Event Date/Time: Feb 15, 2010 End Date/Time: Feb 18, 2010
Registration Date: Nov 14, 2009
Paper Submission Date: Oct 15, 2009
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The rapid growth of information technologies has brought tremendous opportunities for data sharing, integration, and analysis across multiple distributed, heterogeneous data sources. In the past decade, data warehousing and mining are the well-known technologies used for data analysis and knowledge discovery in vast domain of applications.

Data mining technology has emerged as a means of identifying patterns and trends from large quantities of data. Data mining has used a data warehousing model of gathering all data into a central site, then running an algorithm against that data.

A growing attention has been paid to the study, development and application of data warehousing and mining. Nevertheless, dependability aspects in these applications such as availability, reliability, integrity, privacy, and security issues are still being investigated. For example, in data warehousing applications, privacy considerations may prevent the approach of collecting data into the centralized warehouse because each data source has different privacy policy. Furthermore, the complexity of security increases as different sources of information are combined. Reliable, consistent and trustworthy of information are also significant requirements in data warehousing applications. Data mining has been shown to be beneficial in confronting various types of attacks to computer systems such as fraud detection, intrusion prevention. In some applications, e.g. clinic information system, government management, business competitive information, it is required to apply the mining algorithms without observing the confidential data values thus demands the privacy preservation. There are also many challenging issues that need further investigation in the context of data mining from both privacy and security perspectives such as mining of imbalanced data, bioinformatics data, streaming data, ubiquitous computing data, grid computing data etc.

Starting from the beginning of the ARES conference in 2006, the DAWAM workshop (workshop on "Dependability Aspects on Data Warehousing and Mining applications"),like ARES, will reach the 5th year in 2010. Previous DAWAM workshops were held at Vienna University of Technology, Austria on April 20-22, 2006 (DAWAM 2006), April 10-13, 2007 (DAWAM 2007), Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain, March 4-7, 2008 (DAWAM 2008), Fukuoka, Japan, March 16-19, 2009 (DAWAM 2009). This year, DAWAM 2009 will be held at Krakow, Poland, February, 15th - 18th 2010.

The goals of this workshop are to bring together users, engineers and researchers (from industry and academy) alike to present their recent work, discuss and identify problems, synergize different views of techniques and policies, and brainstorm future research directions on various dependability aspects of data warehousing and data mining applications. We strongly encourage researchers and practitioners with interest in the areas of reliability, availability, privacy and security, databases, data warehousing, data mining, and statistics to submit their experience, and/or research results.