QUATRE CON 2010 - "Horror, SciFi, Supernatural and Paranormal" (Quatre Con Event Mgt)


Location: Sacramento County, California, United States

Event Date/Time: Apr 09, 2010 End Date/Time: Apr 11, 2010
Early Registration Date: Feb 15, 2009
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What is "Quatre Con"? "Bringing together the Four Genres to one Event, to give you to ultimate experience in Horror, SciFi, Supernatural and Paranormal". As well,
"The Quatre Con" was established in order to offer more publicity for filmmakers, writers & video game developers working within the horror, science fiction, supernatural & paranormal Genres".

The Quatre Con will be a Annual Expo/Event and will travel throughout the United States.

And will be taking a serious part in helping to send portions of proceeds to several needy" causes. "From Enviromental, to Childhood Diseases Foundations and Animal Rescues & Foundations".

"Only some of the Events & Celebrities that will be in attendance":

(Many more to be announced, please watch website for updates!)

*Special guest/s from HBO's "True Blood"
*Kane Hodder -"Friday the 13th" & Hatchet", Founder of Hollywood Ghost Hunters
*Rick McCallum - "Darkwolf", Stunt man and Co-founder of The Hollywood Ghost Hunters
* Tommy Lee Wallace - "Mike Myers" from the Original Halloween.
*EVIL DEAD GIRLS (See website for their names)
*Vernon Wells - Road Warrior, Innerspace
*Peter Mayhew - Star Wars Chewbacca
•Walter Koenig – Mr. Chekov in the original Star Trek television series and in the several movies
•William Katt – Greatest American Hero, House, Hero’s
Spooked TV's Booth Brothers Productions "as seen on Sy Fy – Children of the Grave, Spooked and The Possessed”.
•Dirk Benedict – Battlestar Galatica, A-Team
Loyd Auerbach - Professor Paranormal & Parapsychologist
•Brian Harnois – Ghost Hunters & Ghost Hunters International
*George P Wilbur - Halloween 4 & 6,Planet Of The Apes, Firestarter, Die Hard, Ghostbusters I & II, Escape From New York, Poltergeist I & II, Star Trek: The Wrath of Kahn, Re-Animator, Total Recal
*Keith and Sandra Johnson - Demonologists as seen on Ghost Hunters & Paranormal State
•Marshall Bell – Starship Troopers, Total Recall, nightmare on Elm Street 2
•Fulvio Cecere – Watchmen, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate SG-1, The Dead Zone, Taken, Smallville
•Michelle Burke – Coneheads, Sliders, Tales from the Crypt, Dazed and Confused
•Jason London - Dazed And Confused, Carrie 2, Jason And The Argonauts, The Prophecy: Forsaken
•Walter Phelan - House Of 1000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects, From Dusk Til Dawn, Masters Of Horror
•Daniele Harris – Halloween (2007), Halloween 2 (2009), Halloween 4 & 5, Urban Legends

"Plus many More to be announced" !

Some other Events scheduled:

*Musical Guests include "Abney Park"

•Film Festival Screenings
•Fangtastic SteamPunk Ball
*Miss "Quatre Con 2010" (See website for details)!
•Celebrity Ghost Hunt
•Costume & Short Story Contests
•Sci Fi Center and Horror Hall
•Q&A sessions, Workshops, and Lectures
•Haunting Horror walkthrough
•Exhibitor Center & Vendor Hall
*Meet, Greet, Autographs and pictures with your favorite "Horror, SciFi, Supernatural and Paranormal" Actors
*Much more, keep watching the website!

Get booked & be ready for an amazing Thirty six hour weekend of "Horror, SciFi, Supernatural and Paranormal", and much more !

Contact the Manager: Craig Appel @ manager@quatrecon.com
Booking Manager: contact E. Gossard @ Onyxmoonagy@yahoo.com


Additional Information

Vendors, please see website to get yourself booked and pick the Vendor package best to fit yourelf, company or business. Any Sponsor inquiries, please contact one of the Managing directors directly @ Manager@quatrecon.com or E. Gossard @ Emmi@Quatrecon.com Film Makers: Please see the website to have your film considered for the event, and an Exclusive Production Company will be will be doing the airing & judging for the Film Festival ! Get all films submitted early , please see website for more information & how to get your Films Submitted . Want to offer your Clients/yourself as a speaker? Contact the Booking Manager only, at: E.Gossard - Onyxmoonagy@yahoo.com or Emmi@quatrecon.com