international Mastercourse on Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (iMESS) (iMESS)

Venue: University Hospital UZ Brussels

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Event Date/Time: May 05, 2010 End Date/Time: May 08, 2010
Registration Date: May 05, 2010
Early Registration Date: Apr 06, 2010
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Our new advanced mastercourse on extended ESS
has shown to be attractive and needed. The course is in tradition of our original international course on endoscopic sinus surgery of the paranasal sinuses that was organized between the University of Cologne (Lindenthal - University HNO Klink) and the University Hospital - Free University Brussels (UZ Brussel). The cooperation between neurosurgeon in the field of extended endoscopic sinus surgery including the pterygopalatine fossa and the pituitary gland has made the course highly interesting particularly in life surgery for ENDT-specialists and neurosurgeons.
This dynamic combination of lectures, live-operations, demonstrations and intensive hands-on laboratory dissection of cadaver material (workshops) (all heads provided with CT-scans!) is designed to update and enhance the skills of ENT surgeons. This course provides a study of the surgical anatomy, pathology and radiology of the paranasal sinuses.

The aim of the event is to provide a forum with concepts in the areas of rhinology and endoscopic paranasal surgery, skull base and beyond, a type of surgery that represents one of the major advances in the field of the last decade, in an environment which allows interaction and discussion with the renowned international faculty. We are happy to provide also 2010 a comprehensive instructional course with ample learning opportunities for all. All faculty members and speakers have confirmed their participation!
Welcome in Brussels in the capital of Europe under a symbolic sign of constructive cooperation!
We look forward to joining you all for an exciting tour of learning and interactive international exchange.
It is the declared aim of iMESS to provide an excellent, realistic, and fruitful learning environment to all participants in a friendly and open joint relation.

This comprehensive course on techniques of endoscopic sinus surgery is for both - for the starter with little experience and for the surgeon who has already some skills in endoscopic surgery. Through didactic sessions, cadaver dissections and live surgery demonstrations, this course will focus on delegates acquiring a sound knowledge of the anatomy of the nose and the paranasal sinuses, understanding the indications and techniques and learning to avoid complications of endoscopic sinus surgery. This kind of surgery has extended in the last decade and we take notice of it and bring also techniques beyond FESS.

Live surgery

Life lecture and life surgery from 2 simultaneous operation theatres in excellent digital HD video quality with full dialogue with the surgeons will cover the practical realization of the subjects taught. The use of intraoperative navigation systems will be demonstrated as well as endoscopic pituitary gland surgery (EPGS).

Interactive discussion with the faculty members

As didactic aims the course attaches great importance to discussion and questions. The will be plenty of time to ask questions on all subjects or particular cases, which gives this course an extra impulse.

Learning begins with questions and a good knowledge.

Faculty member

The faculty members are professors and teachers with years of experience and great expertise in their field, coming from the US and Europe. They have been working together since more than 20 years in education and teaching. They are founders and fathers of the former successful and well-known BRUSSEL-COLOGNE course - a name for excellence in teaching FESS.


- Understanding of:

§ the detailed anatomy of the nose, paranasal sinuses and skull base.

§ The radiologic anatomy of the paranasal sinuses

§ The basic and advanced requirements for endoscopic sinus surgery

§ Use of the instruments and correct handling of the endoscopes
- Correct interpretation of CT-scan of the sinuses in a systematic manner.
- Performing extended sinus surgery procedures
- Performing all techniques till advanced surgery

- Use of interactive multimedia presentations
- Detailed anatomy of the nose, paranasal sinuses and skull base
- Step-by-step dissection of the lateral nasal walls as relevant to the endoscopic sinus surgeon to complement the participant's understanding of endoscopic anatomy.
- Technique for systematic interpretation of the CT-scans of the paranasal sinuses in view of understanding the radiological anatomy.

- Pathophysiology of sinusitis, polyps and fungal sinusitis
- Knowledge about tumors within the nasal cavity, orbit, paranasal sinuses.

- Indications, preoperative preparation, postoperative care for F.E.S.S.
- Principles of F.E.S.S./E.S.S./E.P.G.S.
- Surgery of the frontal recess, sphenoid sinus, orbit and skull base.

- Interactive discussion with faculty members about intraoperative situations, complications and their management and solutions.
- Safety in F.E.S.S. procedures.

- The influence and importance of skull base surgery from a neurosurgical view

- Methods and approach by neurosurgeon for multidisciplinary cooperation.

Well preserved cadaver specimens, endoscopes, dissection instruments and - unique - CT-scans of each cadaver head will be provided. Small groups of two participants will be introduced to the different techniques. The course strongly relies on hands-on demonstrations using whole-head cadaveric specimens. Dissection of the lateral nasal wall and endoscopic dissection will be demonstrated. Cadaver dissections will be from 8:00 to 13:00. Active feedback of the faculty members during cadaver workshops.
Post-course individual master lessons are available on request - only by personal appointment - as for it. Also for refreshing: individual training units.


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Additional Information

Early registration 1450 Euro Late registration 1500 Euro full course= lectures+cadaver workshops lectures only 1050/1100 Euro