Building Better Brains : Neural Prosthetics and Beyond (Better Brains)

Venue: he Given Institute

Location: Aspen, Colorado, United States

Event Date/Time: Oct 09, 2009
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Neural prosthetic devices to replace motor, sensory, or cognitive functions lost by disease hold great therapeutic promise, but have not been widely used to treat humans. This conference will showcase the most cutting-edge research on using neural prosthetic devices as effective therapeutics in humans and a discussion of ways to overcome their current limitations.

Sessions will include:

1. Basic Research with Strong Potential for Translation
2. New Developments in Bioengineering and Materials
3. Panel Discussion: How to Engineer an Effective Neural Interface? Pros and Cons of Current Devices and Materials
4. Clinical Applications and Case Studies
5. Unique Regulatory and Ethical Issues Posed by Neurotechnology
6. Panel Discussion: Psychological Issues of Using Brain Computer Interfaces from a Patient/Physician Perspective