Basel II: From Fundamentals to Latest Thinking

Venue: Hong Kong

Location: Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Event Date/Time: Nov 09, 2009
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* What is Basel II? Understand the origins of the Basel Accord and its place in modern risk management and capital adequacy.
* Learn how to comply at the minimum possible cost and how to use compliance as a competitive advantage
* Discuss the challenges in implementing Basel II, and in integrating with senior management and board decision making and oversight.
* A detailed look at modern operational risk management, including quantification, loss modelling, key risk indicators and risk assessment.
* Latest thinking on approaches to stress testing and the pillar 2 obligations under Basel II and how importance of this is increasing in the current environment
* Learn how different countries are implementing Basel II and the timetable for adoption in Asia.
* Basel II: where next? Understand the recent changes and industry thinking for financial regulation.

This course will take you step by step through the new Basel Capital Accord, commonly referred to as Basel II, examining the new risk management approaches introduced as a result of the regulations, and looking into the latest techniques used to achieve compliance.

The course tutor is an active practitioner with many years experience working with banks throughout their Basel programme. Practical examples and real life experience will be used to put the Accord requirements into context and show how real business benefit can be achieved through more than just meeting minimum regulatory requirements.

The course will begin by putting Basel II in context, examining the shortcomings of the original capital requirement directive and the development of the new risk-sensitive framework. The different approaches allowed under Basel II will be examined in detail, focusing on the areas which are receiving most attention from regulators.

The measurement of credit risk, market risk and operational risk will be explained. The differences and considerations for different methods will be discussed and examples given. The credit risk framework of Basel contains many sets of rules for different areas – the treatment of specialised lending, equity exposures, OTC derivatives and securitised products, and the rules for credit risk mitigation will all be introduced and put in context.

Practical techniques for the management of operational risks within an organisation will be given and set against the Basel II requirements. Strategies for risk assessment and development of key risk indicators will be introduced.

A critical factor in adoption of Basel is ensuring integration into bank operations and senior level board involvement. Experience of programme setup and governance and oversight strategies will be given.

The expert tutor will look beyond Basel II and explore the industry thinking for future financial and capital regulation. Coverage of the latest proposals for enhancements to the Basel II framework announced by the Basel Committee in July 2009 will be given. The tutor will discuss the latest thinking in financial risk management and share wider industry and regulatory views about the future direction of the Basel II regulations.