Introduction to Credit Scoring

Venue: Singapore

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Event Date/Time: Nov 25, 2009
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The course offers both a business and technical introduction to the implementation of a credit rating model within an organisation. This course provides a thorough overview of the main techniques used in the financial industry for the development of models, and how best to manage design and implementation of a model for a business line.

The applications of scoring and the uses of different approaches, such as application and behavioural scoring, will be explained. The importance of historical data availability and quality will be discussed and the main techniques in use for model building, including decision tress, logistic regression and neural networks will be explained. Practical examples and demonstrations using appropriate software will also be given.

The expert course tutor will give an overview of how an organisation can best go about selecting techniques for model build, and then integrating the model into the organisation to deliver maximum benefit. A multi-stage process that an organisation could base such an implementation on will be introduced, and the tutor will share experiences of implementing models in organisations globally.