Voluntary Benefits and Limited Medical Conference

Venue: hyatt

Location: los angeles, california, United States

Event Date/Time: Sep 20, 2010 End Date/Time: Sep 22, 2010
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Voluntary Benefits and Limited Medical Plans are a multi billion dollar industry and one of the fastest growing segments in the insurance industry in America. Voluntary Benefits and Limited Medical Plans have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the NY Times and thousands of other publications across the country. Yet, as fast as this industry has grown, and continues to grow, there has never been a dedicated conference for both Voluntary Benefits and limited medical plans. Employers, health insurance agents and consultants are currently in the dark when it comes to learning about Voluntary Benefits and limited medical plans, or choosing the best insurance carriers to work with.

In today’s marketplace insurance agents and employers don’t know where to turn or look for quality Voluntary Benefits, mini medical and limited medical insurance carriers, and to find out which has the best plan design, what the commission levels are and who has the best customer and administrative services.

This Voluntary Benefits, Mini Medical Plan and Limited Medical plan Conference is the one event per year where brokers, agents and employers can learn:

•What are the best Voluntary Benefits, mini-medical plans and limited medical plans?
•How to properly implement and enroll a Voluntary Benefits platform, mini-medical plan or limited medical plan?
•How to design the best plan design with the best benefits at the most affordable price for employees?
•How to increase enrollment by up to 50% or more?
•How to negotiate for the best commissions? How much is really in the “bucket!”
TThe Voluntary Benefits, Mini Medical Plan and Limited Medical plan Conference will also discuss the next evolution of innovative voluntary benefits, mini-medical and limited medical products, such as mini-major medical plans and which mini medical carriers in the marketplace are launching these innovative products.

Credit Crisis & the US Economy

The conference will also address how the credit crisis and the US economic recession will affect the voluntary benefits, mini medical, limited medical and worksite industry. Will there be a positive affect, or a negative one? How do we position ourselves in this industry to take full advantage of the credit crisis and the economy and help it to increase enrollments and sales for our organization? The credit crisis and economy can help a broker or insurance carrier increase their block of business, but only if they position themselves correctly.

The Uninsured Marketplace

The United States has over 50 million Americans with NO HEALTH INSURANCE. Over 120 million Americans have no dental insurance. It is estimated an equal to or larger percentage are underinsured! What are your plans on how to target and market to this potential customer base?

Other key aspects attendees will learn are:

•What are the best voluntary benefits and worksite products to be packaged with a mini medical or limited medical plan?
•Which are the best enrollment companies for your voluntary benefits, mini-medical plans, limited medical plans and worksite products?
•Who are the voluntary benefits and worksite insurance companies you can work with?
•How to penetrate the Hispanic marketplace?
•What prescription drug options do you have?
•What are discount cards, how do they fit and who are the players?
•What options are there for medical plans for those individual Americans who are uninsured?
•What are the most effective enrollment options, in person, internet, call center?
•How to achieve 50% or more enrollments in your voluntary benefits, mini medical and limited medical plans?
•How to use the Advanced Earned Income Tax Credit to allow employees during the credit crisis and economic recession to continue paying for their voluntary benefits, mini medical plan, limited medical plan and/or worksite insurance products?

Networking Opportunities

The Voluntary Benefits, Mini Medical Plan and Limited Medical Plan Conference will have a special focus on networking, and will help attendees coordinate networking meetings to develop new business relationships.

The organizers of this conference have been involved in the US insurance industry since the beginning of the mini-medical plan and limited medical plan industry started. They have been featured or mentioned in over 75 newspapers and magazines, including Time Magazine, USA Today, Newsweek and more. At the insurance conference that was organized last year in 2008, the organizers had over 850 attendees, hundreds of US insurance companies and health insurance agents and large employers like Black & Decker, Procter & Gamble and more. The event also had over 3,000 pre-scheduled one-on-one networking meetings to maximize everyone's time and business opportunities.