The International Conference on Infectious Diseases and Vaccines (Indivac 2010)

Venue: wuhan

Location: wuhan, China

Event Date/Time: Aug 16, 2010 End Date/Time: Aug 18, 2011
Registration Date: Mar 25, 2010
Paper Submission Date: Mar 25, 2011
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The International Conference on Infectious Diseases and Vaccines (Indivac 2010) will be held from August 16~18, 2010 in Wuhan, China. This conference is co-sponsored by Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Wuhan University and Scientific Research Publishing. The conference proceedings will be published by Scientific Research Publishing. All papers accepted will be indexed by ISTP. You are invited to contribute papers either in English or Chinese, which must include English title, abstract and references.

主题 (Topics):

Advances in viral detection technologies 病毒检测科技的发展
Antibiotics and drug resistance 抗生素以及药物抗性
Bacterial infections 细菌感染
Bioinformatics approaches in vaccine development 生物信息学在疫苗研制中的应用
Computational methods to predict vaccine targets 计算机辅助疫苗设计
Diagnosis and monitoring of infectious diseases 传染病的诊断与监测
Emerging infections 新发传染病
Evolution of infectious diseases 传染病的进化
Flu vaccines 流感疫苗
Global change in infectious diseases 传染病的全球变化
H1N1 flu and treatment H1N1流感与治疗
Hepatitis and Vaccines 肝炎及疫苗
HIV/AIDS and vaccines development 艾滋病及疫苗发展
Hospital infection 医院感染
Immunological methods for detection of infectious disease 传染病免疫疗法的检测
Liver diseases and complications 肝病及并发症
Migratory birds in influenza epidemiology 候鸟的流感传染
Mother-child infections and neonatal infection 母婴感染与新生儿感染
Novel vaccine designs 新型疫苗设计
Nucleic acid approaches for detection of infectious disease 传染病核酸方法的检测
Outbreak detection and predictive modeling 疫情检测和预测建模
Respiratory tract infections 呼吸道感染
SARS and treatment SARS及治疗
Sexually transmitted diseases 经性传播的疾病
Therapeutic vaccine 治疗性疫苗
Treatment strategies of HIV 艾滋病的治疗方案
Tuberculosis and vaccines 肺结核及疫苗
Vaccine concepts & design 疫苗概念和设计
Vaccine safety 疫苗安全
Vaccines and prevention 疫苗及预防