Strategies for Merging and Analyzing Chemical and Biological Data for Effective Compound Prioritizat

Venue: Complimentary online conference

Location: Toronto, Canada

Event Date/Time: Nov 16, 2009 End Date/Time: Nov 16, 2009
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Effective management of results from biological testing, chemical structure information and other disparate sources of discovery data is critical to decision-making in drug and molecular discovery projects, yet scientists often spend anywhere from minutes to hours each week dealing with mountains of data created from different programs, supplied in a variety of formats. Viewing information obtained from multiple sources contained in independent reports, and manually merging these disparate data sources together to determine which are the most promising compounds for further studies or tox analysis poses a regular time drain as well as a challenge to effective decision making. The ability to quickly and robustly determine which of many candidate compounds has the desired physicochemical properties and passes multiple design criteria is necessary to determine which compounds have the best chances of successfully navigating the drug discovery and development process.

Learn how to organize, analyze, and visualize chemical and biological data quickly and efficiently, enhancing efficiency and productivity. During this webinar, you will:

See how disparate data sources - like chemical and biological data - can be quickly and easily merged using drag-and-drop capabilities
Example: Merge assay results three biologists sent to you in Excel with chemical structure information
Learn about powerful ways to prioritize and select compounds based on multiple selection or scoring criteria
Example: Analyze a set of lead structures against multiple criteria in your project’s biological cascade
Learn about ways to enhance communication between team members using simple sharing of results and experiments
Example: Email a colleague a set of interesting protein-ligand structures and your comments on them.