Conference on Pharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement Summit (Conference Only)

Venue: BSG Conference Centre, London, UK

Location: London, United Kingdom

Event Date/Time: Nov 09, 2009 End Date/Time: Nov 10, 2009
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Assessing the impact of prevailing P&R approaches and practices on the global pricing decisions
9th - 10th November 2009, BSG Conference Centre, London, UK

Background Info
Key Speakers
• Myriam Zylberman, Director Pricing Reimbursement Access and New Products, Lilly
• Oliver Mast, Head Global Reimbursement, Roche
• Sarah Pitluck, Director Government Affairs, Genentech
• Dr. Elisabeth George, Associate Director – Appraisals, National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence
• Herve Lilliu, Senior Director, Outcomes and Access, UCB
• Leslie Galloway, Chairman, Ethical Medicines Industry Group
• Trevor Leighton, VP Pricing & Reimbursement, Shire
• Janice Haigh , European Price and Trade Director, Astellas
• Cyrus Chowdhury, Vice President, Global Market Access
• George Wyatt, Managing Director, Wyatt Health Management
• Dirk Kars, Partner, Simon-Kucher & Partners
• Prof. Mondher Toumi, Professor Market Access, University of Lyon
The financial turmoil in 2009 has had a great impact on the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Pricing and reimbursement remains one of the most notable issues in the globalised market.

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies are realigning their pricing and reimbursement strategies, and taking cost containment measures to maintain the growth and profitability.

Adding to our successful series of P&R conferences in the UK and USA, we are happy to unveil the much awaited Pharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement Summit.

This two day event will provide a novel outlook on global pricing and reimbursement developments, and effective pricing strategies providing you with the opportunity to join the leading industry experts.

Why Attend?

Key advantages:
• Understand effective pricing and reimbursement strategies
• Gain insight on the role of parallel trade and its effect on pricing policy
• Receive an update on global P&R developments, with focus on specific markets around the world
• Explore how UK pricing is different from the rest of Europe
• Insights into the market access strategies for oncology and CNS products
• Assess the cost effectiveness analysis of healthcare technologies
• Analyse the impact of global financial crisis on market access opportunities
• Be part of a unique networking opportunity

Who should attend?

VPs, Directors, Heads and Managers of:
• Pricing and Reimbursement
• Reimbursement & Market Access
• Strategic Pricing
• Price Monitoring
• Health Economics
• Finance
• Commercial Pricing
• Economics and Government Affairs
• International Trade and Market Policy
• Parallel Trade
• Research and Development
• Business Strategy
• Sales & Marketing
• Brand Management
• Corporate Strategy
• Operations
• Regulatory Affairs
• Public Affairs
• Outcomes Research
• Contracts
• Legal
• Health Policy Advisors

Day 1
Day One, Monday 9th November 2009

09:30 Registration and refreshments

10:00 Opening address from the chair

10:10 Evaluating current approaches to pricing and reimbursement
• What are the best approaches in this changing environment
• Assessing innovative pricing and reimbursement approaches

Herve Lilliu
Senior Director, Outcomes and Access

10:50 Examining pricing strategies for new drugs
• What is different about new drugs in terms of P&R?
• New and unique challenges
• Premium pricing vs new pricing paradigms for new drugs

Myriam Zylberman
Director Pricing Reimbursement Access and New Products
Eli Lilly

11:30 Morning refreshments

11:50 Reimbursement and Realpolitik: Developing Payer Value Strategies which actively drive Development and Market Access workstreams
• Different Functions; Different Drivers. Meeting payer need is the new paradigm; answering the challenge of making it works at an operational level
• Payer Need vs. Unmet Clinical Need. How to understand disease management from a payer perspective and identify non-clinical drivers
• Meaningful endpoints beyond clinical development strategies. How to convert macro payer insights into tangible disease area drivers that will hit specific payer needs
• Maximising likelihood of success. How to establish/manage brand performance vs. critical Market Access Drivers and track/drive advocacy levels in key stakeholder groups

Christopher O’Neill
Managing Director and Leader of Pricing and Market Access Practice
Curo Consulting

12:10 China: no single strategy
• What is the new emerging market strategy, and why is China a priority?
• What do China’s health care reforms mean to your opportunity in Asia?
• China’s currency: How do you earn guanxi social capital?
• How can you maintain regional price-band integrity in the new pricing environment?

Cyrus Chowdhury
Vice President
Global Market Access

12:50 Networking lunch

14:00 Pricing Strategies- Russia and CEE
• How will recent announcements by the Minister of Industry and Trade affect the way pharmaceutical companies approach Russia?
• What factors should be taken into account from a pricing and access standpoint in order to build share in the competitive Russian market?
• What should the impact of reimbursement be on how a product pursues its pricing strategy in Russia?

Cyrus Chowdhury
Vice President
Global Market Access

14:30 Panel Discussion: Impact of the global financial crisis on the pharmaceutical industry
• Time for new opportunities for big pharma
• Impact on pricing decisions
• Cost effectiveness analysis
If you want to submit a question or wish to participate, please email

Panelists: Myriam Zylberman, Director Pricing Reimbursement Access and New Products, Eli Lilly
Herve Lilliu, Senior Director, Outcomes and Access, UCB
Christopher O’Neill, Managing Director and Leader of Pricing and Market Access Practice, Curo Consulting
Leslie Galloway, Chairman, Ethical Medicines Industry Group

15:10 Afternoon refreshments

15:30 Comparing reimbursement in OECD countries
• How does the public reimbursement of pharmaceuticals compare across the OECD?
- Which countries provide the most comprehensive access to new drugs?
• Drugs are reimbursed, but how easy is it to get real access?
- Do patients have to pay more for some drugs?
- What types of drugs generally require criteria before reimbursement is allowed?
• Are there winners and losers among disease areas?

George Wyatt
Managing Director
Wyatt Health Management

16:10 Impact of Medicare Coverage and Payment on Access to High-Cost Drugs and Biologics
• Discuss how Medicare coverage and payment processes impact patient access to new, often costly therapies
• Provide recent case study examples
• Highlight health care reform efforts and the potential impact on reimbursement for drugs/biologics

Sarah Pitluck, Director
Coverage & Reimbursement Policy, Government Affairs

16:50 Closing remarks from the chair

17:00 Networking drinks
Take your discussions further and build new relationships in a relaxed and informal setting

Day 2
Day Two, Tuesday 10th November 2009

09:30 Registration and refreshments

10:00 Opening address from the chair

10:10 Price regulation reform in the UK – view from small-medium size pharma
• EMIG background
• The landscape for smaller pharmaceutical companies operating in the UK
• How the PPRS has impacted on smaller companies to date
• Small-medium size pharma’s view of the current PPRS
• EMIG’s view on a fairer pricing system

Leslie Galloway
Ethical Medicines Industry Group

10:50 Role of parallel trade and its effect on pricing policy
• Where does parallel trade fit in a global P&R strategy
• Exploring developments in parallel trade with reference to different markets
• Tactical and strategic options for the incorporation or countering of parallel trade

Janice Haigh
Senior Director, Pricing & Market Access - Europe

11:30 Morning refreshments

11:50 Reimbursement of medical devices in diabetes care
• Common aspects and differences with pharmaceuticals
• The particular HTA challenge of medical devices
• Conditional reimbursement: a way forward?

Oliver Mast
Head Global Reimbursement

12:30 The use of cost effectiveness analyses in NICE health technology appraisals
• Processes and methods used for technology appraisal
• The role of cost effectiveness and other considerations
• Implementing the UK pharmaceutical price regulation scheme in technology appraisals

Dr. Elisabeth George
Associate Director – Appraisals
National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence

13:10 Networking lunch

14:10 Risk sharing understanding concept and practice: Avoiding misunderstanding
• Are all risk sharing risk sharing?
• What risk do we share?
• Are risk equally shared among parties?
• Risk sharing experience learning
• What can we learn from country specific experience?

Prof. Mondher Toumi
Professor Market Access
University of Lyon

14:50 Risk-sharing and innovative contracting
• Payer concern of unpredictable cost exposure as the key trigger for innovative contracting
- Overview: traditional contracting, financial schemes, pay for performance
- Case studies of innovative contracting and risk-sharing schemes
- Understanding the strategic objectives of innovative contracting
- Varying complexity of different approaches to innovative contracting
- Understanding payer perception of innovative contracting approaches
- Measurement of therapeutic performance as an operational hurdle
- Determine the strategic fit of your company’s drug portfolio for innovative contracting approaches

Dirk Kars
Simon-Kucher & Partners

15:30 Afternoon refreshments

15:50 Case Study: P&R challenges throughout the product lifecycle

Trevor Leighton
VP Pricing & Reimbursement

16:30 Pricing & reimbursement and market access strategies for new oncology products
• Combining insights on the pricing perspective of the company with the capacity of the particular healthcare system to absorb the costs of new treatments
• Drivers of Complexity for P&R strategies for oncology products
• Future trends in P&R for oncology products

17:10 Chair’s closing remarks

17:20 End of Conference