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Early Registration Date: Nov 30, 2009
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Hazardous Waste Management
8 - 9 February 2010, Johannesburg, South Africa
Interested to participate, please visit www.salvoglobal.com/wastemanagement.asp

Why Attend This Workshop?

Waste Management is No Longer simply a Question of Cost

As the spectrum of hazardous waste widens and becomes more complex and new regulations are introduced to govern the treatment and disposal of hazardous waste, the Extractive industry as well as the Petrochemical sector in Africa will have to upgrade existing processes and look into the development of not only new capacity but also new options to recycle their waste. Today recycling, re-use and recovery of hazardous waste forms key operational strategy as companies assess new avenues to manage their hazardous waste.

Comprehensive and highly-interactive, Hazardous Waste Management Masterclass will provide an in-depth understanding of the principles underlining effective hazardous waste management from generation, to transport to treatment and finally disposal. Best-of-class waste management techniques will be disseminated and the current challenges faced will be debated. Learn about waste characterization and labeling, waste minimization and disposal options. Also covered are the most recent regulatory changes plus a global perspective of how hazardous waste is handled.

Learning objectives

Identify key concerns in relation to hazardous waste management
Learn about waste identification: key interpretations, exclusions and issues
Obtain an overview of global perspectives on control of hazardous waste
Gain valuable insights on the waste hierarchy and management options
* Evaluate strategic on-site management options
* Discuss latest treatment technologies and disposal options
Develop a logical thought process to resolve challenging waste management issue

Who should attend?

This workshop is designed for anyone who is involved in the handling of hazardous materials. This includes but is not limited to Heads, Directors, Managers, Consultants and Engineers of:

Health, Safety and Environmental; Pollution Control and Prevention; Sustainability; Waste Management; Hazardous Waste Management; Quality Control; Projects; Chemical Engineering; Operation; Inspection and Repair; Government Safety Regulators/Inspectors.


Please email Jenny at jenny@salvoglobal.com
South Africa

Additional Information

ABOUT THE TRAINERS Expert 1 He has over 30 years experience on waste management in the UK and Europe and is a Director of a Waste Consultancy company. He has represented the oil and solvent recovery industries in negotiations with UK and European government and regulators and presented papers on topics such as Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005, the Recycling and Recovery of Oils and Solvents, Hazardous Waste Management and the Solvent Emissions Directives for bodies such as the Environmental Agency and CIWM. He has also delivered training on behalf of a number of clients and a number of UK Universities. Expert 2 He has 32 experiences in the field of waste, waste and water quality management, pollution control and environmental management. He has assumed a leading role in the formulation of national level policies in South Africa governing the treatment and disposal of hazardous waste. He has published forty-eight national papers and authored or co-authored twenty-three international papers. He also lectures on Environmental and Waste Management courses at Technical University. Guest Speaker He is a specialist environmental lawyer advising clients in both the public and private sector on a range on environmental and sustainability issues. He assists companies in a number of industries, including mining and resources, utilities, chemicals, agriculture, automotive, waste, storage, building and transport on a range of environmental issues. He has written books outlining the legal framework to pollution management in South Africa and is a frequent speaker at legal conferences.