International Cargo & Logistics Conference 2010 (Strengthening The Ca)

Venue: Prince Hotel

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory, Malaysia

Event Date/Time: Mar 23, 2010 End Date/Time: Mar 25, 2010
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The global economic recession has caused a great impact on the cargo industry as market
demand for logistic services decline due to the plunge in international trade. Domestic
markets are also affected by the downturn as freighting activities slowdown due to the
decrease in imports and exports. In such a situation, logistic companies around the world
need to minimise losses, improve services and be prepared for the future in order to
sustain through the recession.
Airlines and shipping companies around the world have been forced to park freighters and
lay up vessels as cargo volume drop. Intermodal containers are piled up at terminals due to
excess capacity availability which was once filled during better times. Ports and airports
that do not have the traffic volume to sustain are closing down as revenues are no longer
enough to operate. Postal and courier services have also been affected by the slowdown
forcing the industry to move towards lower value economical markets. Overall, request
from customers of the logistic industry has changed demanding lower prices, delaying or
canceling investments, demanding increased services at the same price and wanting to
break contracts early.
However, the cargo industry needs to be robust in overcoming the challenges of the
economic crisis. International logistic hubs with hi-tech specialised facilities would stimulate
growth of the logistic industry as the economy picks up. Domestic markets and inland
logistics sectors are worth to be explored in order to sustain through the recession.
Cost reduction and competitive pricing should be a priority to capture lower value smaller
markets that still have the potential to support the logistic industry. Companies should also
consider improving service efficiency and embark on technologies that reduce supply chain
cost as well as conserving the environment.
This conference provides participants with valuable insights from experts across various
logistic industries. Learn from their experience and share opinions on how to overcome
challenges of the current economic recession. Gather practical information and skills to
lead your organisation towards a better future in the cargo industry.


Prince Hotel
Jalan Conlay
Kuala Lumpur

Additional Information

• Exploring the potential of International Logistic Hubs • Overcoming the issue of Cargo Capacity and Market Demand • Analysing the prospect of Domestic Markets • Grasping the strategies of effective Crisis Management • Researching into ways of Reducing Cost and sustaining Competitive Pricing • Examining methods to enhance Container and Intermodal Facilities • Understanding the key factors of successful Supply Chain Management • Learning the skills of competent Warehouse Management • Discovering technologies to improve Service Efficiency & Quality • Understanding the benefits of Environmental Initiatives