Partner Relationship 2010 - Masterclass (Strategies & Spendin)

Venue: Prince Hotel

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory, Maldives

Event Date/Time: Mar 02, 2010 End Date/Time: Mar 03, 2010
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Ready to Form a Business Partnership
- Offerings and opportunities
- Marketing and sales support
- Product support
- Partner management

Approach to turning contacts into trusting relationship
- Establishing common ground
- Displaying integrity and trust
- Using time purposefully
- Offering help
- Asking for help

Case study based on given scenario - Which type of partnership will you perform?
- Corporate merger or acquisition
- Joint venture or strategic alliance
- Contract, outsourcing or tendering process
- Business relationship with key vendor or supplier

Case study - How to start collaborating?
- Adapting to the partner differences
- Take time to discuss about the collaboration
- Let out any unsatisfying feelings
- Both parties need each other to ensure the success of the collaboration

Creating a Winning Business Partnership
- Have the same vision
- Define business roles
- Avoid 50-50 split
- Hold a monthly partner meeting
- Create a partnership agreement

Keys to ensure successfulness in partner relationship
- Aligning your business mission
- Check the capacity of both parties to act
- Give attentions on the factors that will make your venture work
- Acuity of communication
- Attitude of mutual trust and respect
- Flexibility and versatility to adapt on the changes towards the partnership

Maximising profits from partnership
- How can partnership generates more revenue?
- Saving costs on resources
- Minimise risks of failures
- Increase organizations' performance

Challenges and Opportunities in Partnership
- Creating common purpose
- Building trust between partners
- Engaging the right people and skills for successful partnering
- Develop the essential organizational and communication skills to foster highly productive relationships

Case study : Strategic alliances with competitors
- Define protocol for how individuals have their own specific tasks
- Develop rules of engagement for operation within the venture
- Determine how success will be measured
- Profits sharing

Assembling a short term partnership to improve business continuity
- Starting from simple partnership
- Growing the partnership into long term beneficial partnership
- Looking into sharing technologies with partner
- Grabbing more opportunities in business arena

Case study : Determine how effective of the business partnership formed
- Determine the type of partnership formed. Is it good or bad?
- The scope and duration of the ventures
- Underlying purpose and measures of success
- Identify the compatibility of the partnership formed.

Re-engineer the partnership networks
- Look beyond cost control
- Find ways to build trust
- Build a skills network
- Invest and invite

Achieving breakthrough performance through partnership
- Selecting the best business partners
- Putting a comprehensive plans for future needs
- Grooming and adapting with both parties to get use to each other culture
- Adapting new technologies to benefit the business partnership

Sustaining the collaboration
- Following through on good intentions
- Going back to basics
- Knowing what to do when things get tough
- Celebrating success

Benefits gained from business partnering
- Become the leading business performer
- Contribute on corporate social responsibilities
- Maximising profits
- Become the leader in technology advancement

Preparing for the Worst!
- Be prepare for the broken partnership
- Actions to amend the broken partnership
- Back up plan to ensure the smoothness of your organization execution
- Legal issues on partnership

Termination of Partnership
- When to start considering the partnership is not working
- How to terminate the partnership
- Legal actions to overcome any unforseen problems
- How to end the partnership by satisfying both parties


Prince Hotel
Jalan Conlay
Kuala Lumpur

Additional Information

In every day process, we are required to work with other people or organisation to ensure the smoothness of our work. We may required the technology or expertise that we don't have, to implement on the projects that are assigned to us. This mean that we need to collaborate with parties that can supply the things that we need. Without realising it, we are actually relying on many parties to ensure the smoothness of our work process