Global Response 2010 - a conference on violent conflict and health (GR2010)

Venue: Copenhagen School of Global Health, University of Copenhagen

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Event Date/Time: Jan 22, 2010 End Date/Time: Jan 25, 2010
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Health professionals seem to be in a key position to exert a positive influence in areas threatened by, undergoing, or recovering from conflicts. The medical profession thus has a responsibility to address the impact of conflict on health and discover ways of contributing to peace.
Currently there is no global cohesion between organizations addressing global health, humanitarian actors, the peace movement and organizations addressing the health effects of violent conflict. There is thus an urgent need for an analysis of the common causes of violent conflict and ill-health, recommendations on how to document health consequences, and a greater understanding of the role of the health profession in the context of violent conflict. Global Response 2010 seeks to satisfy all three demands.

The aim of the conference is

* to create an international network of researchers and field workers with experience in the area of health and violent conflict
* to obtain an overview of existing knowledge on the subject and thereby contribute to the intellectual development of the field
* to identify future challenges for prevention of violent conflicts and their impact on health, and develop plans of action to meet the challenges

Conference Structure
The programme of Global Response 2010 will be organized in 3 different themes. Each theme will cover one aspect of health and violent conflict. The themes in question are:

1. Root causes of violent conflict and determinants of health.
2. Measuring the health consequences of violent conflict.
3. The role of the health sector before, during and after violent conflict.

The conference programme will be based on an interactive internet based process (see below) by which we will seek to obtain an overview of existing knowledge and challenges. In addition to this online discussion articles will be published in peer reviewed journals. It is of crucial importance to the conference organizers that the conference process is conducive to sharing and creating knowledge. Therefore, we will not have traditional speakers, but will use methods that utilize the knowledge, experience and contributions of all participants. We wish for all participants to bring something with them to the conference and to bring something new with them home. We collaborate with various partners with experience in designing interactive processes and facilitation of group discussions.

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We look forward to meeting you in Copenhagen!