International Multiconference on Intelligent Systems & Nanotechnology (IISN - 2010)

Venue: Institute of Science and Technology, Klawad

Location: Yamunanagar, Haryana, India

Event Date/Time: Feb 26, 2010 End Date/Time: Feb 28, 2010
Paper Submission Date: Dec 15, 2009
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2nd C A L L F O R P A P E R S

International Multiconference
Intelligent Systems & Nanotechnology (IISN-2010)
(4th International Conference on Intelligent Systems &
1st International Conference on Nanotechnology)
(February 26 - 28, 2010)
Institute of Science and Technology Klawad (Haryana), INDIA

Two of the emerging areas which will reshape the world in twenty first century are Intelligent Systems and Nanotechnology. For the social progress knowledge need to be created and disseminated. Conferences play a vital role in knowledge creation, dissemination and application of such emerging areas. Considering the fact, Computational Intelligence Laboratory took the initiative of hosting a series of conferences in the field of Intelligent Systems. So far CI-Lab has organized three International Conferences on Intelligent Systems i.e., IISN-2009, ISN-2008 and IISN-2007. The conferences attracted a large number of researchers from across the globe. On the average, researchers from about 10 countries and about 24 states of India have been participating in these conferences to present their research findings. Six conferences ISN-2004, ISN-2005, AISN-2006, IISN-2007, ISN-2008 and IISN-2009 in this area have already been organized under the chairmanship of Prof. (Dr.) Shakti Kumar. From this year onwards Centre for Excellence in Nanotechnology has joined the CI-Lab and the scope of the conference has been widened to include Nanotechnology as well.

The upcoming event, International Multiconference on Intelligent Systems and Nanotechnology (IISN-2010) is the 7th conference in the series. This conference is being organized to provide a unique opportunity for exchanging scientific research and technological achievements accomplished by the international community. This conference is intended to attract individuals, who are actively engaged both in theoretical and practical aspects of Intelligent Systems and Nanotechnology. The goal is to provide a platform for a useful exchange of scientific research and technological achievements between theoreticians and practitioners and to foster the cross-fertilization of ideas.

Topics of Interest include, but are not limited to:

Intelligent Systems

• Fuzzy Logic Based Systems
• Artificial Neural Networks
• Swarm Intelligence
• Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO)
• Ant Colony Optimization (ACO)
• Biogeography Based Optimization (BBO)
• Evolutionary Computing
• Evolutionary Programming
• Evolutionary Strategies
• Genetic Algorithms
• Memetic Algorithms
• Active Media Human-Computer Interaction
• Autonomic Computation
• Intelligent Agent Technology
• Intelligent Information Retrieval
• Intelligent Information Systems

• Knowledge Representation and Integration
• Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
• Web Intelligence
• Intelligent Control
• Intelligent Networks and Mobile Computing
• Intelligent Robots
• Hybrid Approaches
• Image Processing
• Management, Finance and Business Applications of Fuzzy Logic
• Self Healing Systems
• Artificial Immune Systems
• Self Organizing Systems
• Cognitive Radio
• Software Defined Radio
• Sensing Mechanisms in Plants
• Artificial Life


• Nanotechnology in Medicine: sensors & diagnostics, drug delivery, medical imaging.
• Nanotechnology in Energy: fuel cells, catalysts, photovoltaics, storage, distribution, and oil extraction.
• Nanotechnology in Consumer Goods: packaging, composites, textiles, cosmetics and personal care.
• Nanotechnology and Security Issues: chemical, biological, radiation & explosive sensing and detection.
• Nano Materials: CNTs, particles, composites, coatings, manufacturing and characterization.
• Nanotechnology in Electronics: lithography, processing, materials, devices, optics and displays.
• Nano Machines
• Nano Sensors
• Nano Biology

Authors are invited to submit their manuscript(s) in IEEE format (maximum 6 pages). All paper submissions will be handled electronically. Two referees will review each paper.

Tutorial proposals are also invited on any of the above mentioned topics.

Submit your manuscript(s) to, and

Important Dates

Tutorial proposals : December 12, 2009
Papers submission : December 15, 2009
Acceptance notification : January 10, 2010
Camera Ready copy due : January 25, 2010

Registration Fee

Indian Delegates: INR 1200
Foreign Delegates: USD 50

For detailed information, please visit

Free boarding and lodging in Institute Hostel

Organized by:
Computational Intelligence Laboratory (CI-LAB)
Centre for Excellence in Nanotechnology (CENT)
Institute of Science and Technology Klawad (Haryana), INDIA