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Multi-Level marketing, a word Multi-level basically known for the legends in the marketing world as a road to tomorrow’s success has reached the budding marketers with the advancement of information and communication system. Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) according to practitioners, is poised to take over the world. According to their predictions, multi-level or network marketing will emerge as the dominant marketing system as the dinosaur called corporate India (The “real” pyramid scheme) runs out of prey. From Amway to equinox, MLM schemes have won 7 million devotees on the promise of unlimited wealth and freedom. MLM is a business model that relies on independent model representatives to sell products for a company. Instead of the company paying for advertisement and promotion, MLM companies rely on individuals to spread the word about their company. In return individuals receive a commission on their sales (more on this later, as commission plants can be extremely convoluted).MLM goes by many names, including network marketing, direct marketing, referral marketing, matrix marketing, direct selling, pyramid selling and more. MLM relies on peer to peer advertising and sales. MLM companies believe the best way to create sales is through a trusted source. Word of mouth advertising is much more persuasive than a 30 sec TV spot or a full page cover ad. MLM representatives try generating sales through personal contacts, sometimes through events such as parties, product demonstration


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