National School Defence & Security Conclave 2010 (NSDS 2010)

Venue: TBA

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Event Date/Time: Mar 04, 2010 End Date/Time: Mar 05, 2010
Registration Date: Feb 25, 2010
Early Registration Date: Dec 30, 2009
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The 2-day conference will each begin with the national perspective, presented by speakers from our own government & local leaders.
These addresses will be followed by presentations of experts on school violence covering key community perspectives: students, teachers, parents, local business, faith-based groups, the media, and other community resources and stakeholders.
Speakers will help attendees develop effective action plans that are unique to their own communities and engage the widest range of local stakeholders to "make our high schools and college campuses safe and secure -- the way learning environments really should be."

An outline of highlights of all presentations is available to participants at sign-up to help prepare for the Q&A sessions and group discussions.
The conference will also include an important hands-on feature -- real-world simulations of community response to school shootings, related tragedies, and global outbreaks.
The tabletop exercises, moderated by risk communicators, will encourage extended audience participation and explore effective methods of communication, coordination and collaboration at the local level.
Role-playing topics include:
activating the emergency response infrastructure
warning signals
student complaints
first response
protecting targets and hostages
types of violence
survival techniques
news by cell phone
regaining control
chain of command
emergency response routes
evacuation procedures
school closings
notifying parents
anticipating escalation
law enforcement information sharing
medical procedures
dealing with the media
reaction on the Internet.

overcoming the fear of returning to class
victim needs
survivor needs
families of offenders
call-in lines
grief counseling
removing names
health services and resources
statements to students and parents
academic support
investigation procedures
funerals and anniversaries
signals for closure
how to orient new students and their families

School Crime Watch
drug-free zones
gun-free zones
zero-tolerance messages
gang apparel and student dress codes
parent cooperation
law enforcement resources and presentations
information kits and advisories
engaging the business sector
restrictions in hallways and high-risk areas

What you can do right now...
assessing threat and potential victims
designating crisis planning and crisis management teams
exercising the student safety plan
reviewing civil and criminal options
patrols and security systems
video monitoring
crime maps
creating a school safety who's who
photo ID database
including private sector resources
dealing with outside threats
media relations
legislative actions
town hall meetings
releasing information
crisis kits
preparing the lines of communication
sharing best practices
taking preemptive action.
Bring back something very valuable, a solid information and exercises in your own schools thru your own attendance here at the National School Defence & Security Conclave & Exhibit 2010, Ontario, Canada.

Please do not hesitate to give me a call or send me an email if you need anything. My contact details are below for your perusal.

We hope to see you in the conference with your colleagues!