The 2nd Guangzhou International Garden Machinery and Tools Fair (GMTF2010)

Venue: Poly World Trade Center-Pazhou Complex

Location: Guangzhou, China

Event Date/Time: Mar 26, 2010 End Date/Time: Mar 28, 2010
Registration Date: Mar 26, 2010
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Organized by: Guangdong Enterprises Association for Foreign Economic Cooperation
Hong Kong Grandeur International Exhibition Group

Sponsored by: Fujian Environmental Protection Association of Garden Machinery
Garden Machinery Environmental Network
Shandong Environmental Protection Association of Garden Machinery
Shanghai Garden & Greening Industry Association
England Agricultural and Garden Machinery Association
New Zealand Garden & Horticultural Industry Association
Lawn & Garden Marketer and Distributor Association
Canada Horticulture and Landscape Association

Operated by: Guangzhou Grandeur Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
Shanghai Grandeur Exhibition Planning CO., Ltd


Supporting Media:
Gardening World, China Garden Network, China Flower Network, Garden of Guangdong
The Gardener Magazine,The Irish Garden Magazine,Garden International Magazine,Landscape
Magazine,House and Garden.Moscow Garden Show
China is one of the biggest garden tools production base and the most potential garden tools market in the world. Over 5000 garden tools manufactures get together in China, whose products include garden machinery and power equipment, gardening and patio products, irrigation products and golf equipment and so on.
It’s forecasted by experts that the overall output of China’s greening industry will increase with 30%-50% year by year, and the cities in China are being built towards green and biological ones, the continuous development of greening industry provides garden tools with lasting power.
2nd Guangzhou International Garden Machinery & Tools Fair ( GMTF2010 ) will be hold in Guangzhou, China, where one of the largest manufacturing base & most potential market. GMTF2010 will be the best platform for you to find your excellent suppliers or get in touch with market in China. So if 26 to 28 March, 2010 turns out to be your busiest week in 2010, we’re committed to ensuring it’s also your most rewarding. Welcome to China, welcome to GMTF2010.

Fair Profile
Tea Party of Garden Tools Industry in Southern China
Professionals in garden machinery and tools industry from Taiwan and other places will enjoy this party together on Jan.15th, 2009 at Shengyuan Restaurant.
The No.1 garden tools show in Southern China
Held on Mar.10th – 12th, 2009, Guangzhou International Garden Tools Expo had achieved great success, with exhibitors of Green Friend, WEIBANG, STIHL, Dezhizhu, SUPOW, Honda, Echo etc. and 3,000 visitors, which put an end to the status of none special show of garden tools industry in Southern China. The fair created a platform for garden machinery and tools industry in Southern China.
New opportunity, new development——Brands expo in 2010, providing common international business opportunities for you.
Rapid development of greening industry becomes the continuous power of tools industry.
It’s forecasted by experts that the overall output of China’s greening industry will increase with 30%-50% year by year, and the cities in China are built towards green and biological ones, the continuous development of greening industry provides garden tools with lasting power.
Enterprises and public institutions intensify efforts to the greening industry, which provides new power for tools industry.
With the greening of non-profit institutions, industrial and mining enterprises, hotels, schools and financial revenue departments etc., garden tools industry gets its new buyers, which provides new development for enterprises. Meanwhile, it also puts forward higher requirements in products, brands and network building.
With tools being used in usual houses, the industry owns infinite business opportunities.
In European and American countries, garden tools are standing tools for family. In China, some families also begin to use lawn trimmer, mowing and irrigation machine, hedge trimming machine, bump-cutter machine, grass carding machine, water pump and garden sprayer etc. With the development of Chinese economy people’s living standard has been improved, so there will be more and more families to possess garden tools. Then there will be more promising space for garden machinery industry.
International economy is picking up, which provides new opportunities for exporting.
The Europe, America, Japan and other economic entities continue to rebound, affected by which, external demand situation is significantly picking up. China's export orders index continues to rebound, with the increase of 51.4% in Jun. 2009, making the highest record of 13 months. With the increase of positive economic factors, the main export markets will provide a new favorable turn for foreign trade export, during which time, new business and network opportunities will be reestablish and consolidated.
Exhibition Scope
Garden machinery and power equipment: lawn machines, turf vehicles, grass cutting machine, weeding machine, hedge shears, trimming machines, Brush Cutter, Hedge machine, chain saw, pesticide spraying machine, powder spraying machine, grass carding machine, grass trimmer, drilling machine, seeder, transplanter, turf lifting machine, tractor, vehicle, trailer and other machinery &engine accessories.
Garden tools: Gardening shear, telescopic shear, high branches scissor, garden shear, pruning shear, handsaw, shovel, rake, joint, chain saw, shovel, tool kit, hoe
Golf equipment: grass cutting machine, seeder, fertilizing machines, pesticide spraying machine, drilling machine, root cutting machines, grass carding machine, sand coating machine, rolling machines, sand raker, levelling machine, vehicle, cleaning equipment, etc.
Irrigation products: sprinkler irrigation, sprinkler, rocker-style nozzle, vertical rocker-type nozzle, the jet nozzle, drip irrigation, micro spray irrigation, filtration equipment, fertilizer, and irrigation equipment, separator, filters, injector, injection pump, pump pipe & pipe fittings, irrigation controller
Green house equipment: planting trough, water supply system, temperature control system, auxiliary lighting system and humidity control system, scheduling fan, heat fan, temperature sensor and constant temperature system control box;
Gardening and patio products: greening products, garden greening products, landscape decorating products, patio leisure products, barbecue related products, etc.
Targeted visitors
Purchasing Organization:
Large-scale chain supermarket: such as Wal-Mart, Carrefour
Foreign trader and distributor: such as OXO,Mowdirect, Garden-Tractor;
Foreign manufacturer: such as Stiga, Honda, Lamborghini Grillo, Husqvarna, Toro, Ryan, etc.
Domestic professional channel:
Special market, distributor and agent, foreign trade exporter
Main customer:
Garden greening enterprises, golf courses, sports fields, property management departments, high school greening projects,
scenic spots, operators and enthusiasts of garden& gardening
Visitors from government entity, research institute, high school, media,etc.
Simultaneous Activities:
â—†simultaneous events: Guangzhou International Greening Fair, Guangzhou International Bonsai and Ornamental Plant Expo
â—†Excellent Dealers Conference of the industry
â—†Garden Life Forum
â—†New Technology Seminar
â—†International Purchasers Matching Conference
â—†Modern Garden Leisure Life Sampling
â—†Garden and Landscape Design Forum

In order to attract the attention of merchants, purchasers and media, and upgrade the influence and effect of this show, the organizing committee will promote the show in an in-depth and comprehensive way. We will integrate marketing mode, coordinate social resources ( which includes manufacturers, traders, dealers, media, experts and scholars, socialites, industry organizations, government institutions, overseas cooperators) and resources of organizers, such as personnel & financial power and years’ experience of organizing and planning to make the utmost possible effort to promote our fair.

With a professional customer service team of 16 staff, a promotion team of 8 staff, a sound marketing network and the accurate promoting manner, the 2nd Guangzhou International Garden Tools Import& Export Fair will provide you with win-win marketing project of brand & network.


Poly World Trade Center,Pazhou Complex,Haizhu District,Guangzhou,China