IGCC Outlook China 2010 (IGCC 2010)

Venue: Majesty Plaza Shanghai

Location: Shanghai, Shanghai, China

Event Date/Time: Apr 15, 2010 End Date/Time: Apr 16, 2010
Early Registration Date: Jan 25, 2010
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Aiming at unveiling the growth area of IGCC polygeneration, IGCC Outlook China 2010 is planned to be held in Majesty Plaza Shanghai on April 15th – 16th.

IGCC Outlook China 2010 is an energy conference, which concerns about the advanced clean coal technology in power generation, and will conduct on the development of IGCC (Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle) industry in the next decades. The international event factors wide range of energy sectors, including Power, Petroleum, Natural Gas, Carbon dioxide, main facilities, technical suppliers, and ideas on how to solve, reduce and develop.

IGCC Outlook China 2010 is expected to attract 150+ attendees from IGCC and related energy industry including the Chinese Top five power generation enterprises, China Shenhua Energy Company Limited, China Datang Corporation, Petroleum and natural gas enterprises; IGCC (Coal chemical, gas cleanup, air separation, gas turbine, system integrated and control technologies) technical suppliers; CCS (CO2 capture, storage, injection) technical suppliers, Coal gasification technical suppliers. Main equipment’s (Gas turbine, Gasifier, Pipeline) providers including General Electric, Siemens Group, Mitsubishi Electric, Shell etc.

It will highlight the utilization of IGCC technologies in China, the combination of IGCC and CCS as the further trend in power generation, IGCC and CCS technical transfer into Chinese market, the establishment of IGCC demonstration power plant and tend to commercialized in China, the strategic and international corporations, the issues and solutions of implementing IGCC projects in China, the forecast of the Chinese government’s 12th 5-year plan for energy sector etc. are all for contributing to the development of IGCC industry in power generation sector in China. As part of responsible for a growing share of global CO2 emissions to the world, IGCC Outlook China 2010 will be planned to minimize its carbon dioxide footprint, and insisted for the integrated utilization and sustainable development in energy sector.

Benefits of attending IGCC Outlook China 2010:
-Seeking for corporation opportunities in technical transfer areas, transferring IGCC and CCS technologies in to China, e.g. Coal chemical technology, Coal gasification, Gas cleanup technology, Air separation technology, Gas turbine technology, System integrated and control; CO2 capture (post-combustion), CO2 storage, CO2 injection (with oil exploration), CO2 solidified etc.
-Realizing the further development of China’s energy industry, combination of IGCC and CCS technologies as the future trend in China’s power generation industry.
-Promoting the trades flows between China and foreign country in the main IGCC and CCS equipments sector.
-Obtaining the details of the 12th 5-year plan (2011-2015) for energy sector from Chinese government, related to the fund injection and policies publication.
-Understand the difficulties and solutions of establishing and implementing IGCC power plant in China, from the IGCC demonstration power plant tends to commercial IGCC power plant.
-Ways of financing IGCC projects in China, in terms of JV, M & A, financing project etc.
As an international information exchange platform, IGCC Outlook China 2010 dedicates itself to being an informative and networking event.