Advanced Defeating IEDs Training Workshops and Live Demonstrations - 2010 (C-IED Workshops 2010)

Venue: TBD

Location: Arlington, Virginia, United States

Event Date/Time: May 03, 2010 End Date/Time: May 05, 2010
Registration Date: Apr 20, 2010
Early Registration Date: Mar 01, 2010
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This workshop will gather experts and delegates from different backgrounds within the military and the industry sector, from the United States, Canada and other European nations, with a focus on Lessons learned from the theatre and putting them into action for a successful deployment in Afghanistan. This event will highlight the differences in IED attacks between Iraq and Afghanistan and the structure of the enemy’s network for constructing and fielding IEDs.

Technology focus
- De-confliction of ECM
- Emerging Standoff Detection and Disruption technology
- Role of Biometrics and Forensics Science
- Training & War Gaming Technology
- Development of Laser-based Technologies for Standoff Detection
- Detection systems using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Technology
- The future role of UAVs in Airborne C-IED
In addition this event will include displays and exhibits, of some of the emerging technologies in the fight against IEDs.

Training Workshops
• Weapons Intelligence, Team Operations and Planning
Mission: To provide C-IED operators and commanders with the practical skills required to accurately gather evidence and intelligence at the scene of an IED incident as well as its subsequent collation, assessment and dissemination for use in wider anti-terrorism operations.

• Assault IEDD Support to Hostage Rescue and Counter-Suicide Bomber Operations
Assault IEDD is a highly specialised skills-set enabling selected operators to rapidly assess and neutralise access-denial and body-borne IED’s during land-based, aviation and maritime interdiction operations. Assault IEDD differs from generic IEDD in that the overriding aim of the operator is to maintain the momentum of the assault in a hostile (non-permissive) environment by facilitating the assaulters reaching their objective safely, rapidly and with minimum risk of compromise.


Additional Information

Some of the Speakers - Colonel Laurie M. Buckhout / Chief, Electronic Warfare Division, Army Asymmetric Warfare Office, (HQDA G3/5/7) / US Army - CDR Robert J. Watt / Chief ISAF HQ Counter-IED Training, CO Canadian Contingent Kabul/ Canadian Navy - Jim Slavin / Director - Joint Training C-IED Operations Integration Center (JTCOIC) / US Army - Scott Blaney / Senior Military Analyst, Center for Army Lessons Learned / US Army - Edwin A. Bundy, Ph.D. / PM TSWG IDD Subgroup and EOD/LIC Program / Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office - Lt Col Albert Ridenhou / Director IED WG, Marine Corps Warfighting Lab / USMC - Terry Marsh / VP Business Development, NIITEK Inc - Raymond Carr / Director Terrorism Technology Team / ARDEC – US Army Key Highlights - Review of Unmanned Arial systems based airborne electronic attack (AEA) - Latest advances in simulating actual IED events to ensure units are prepared for changes in tactic, techniques, and procedures - Lessons learned and preventative training solutions - Intelligence Gathering, Behavioral Pattern Recognition, Forensic Tools and Analysis - Evolving Training and Tactics to counter both insurgency and asymmetric threats - Identifying key IED trends and new threats - Assessing current exploitation capabilities of the Warfighter , identifying new capabilities of the Warfighter Sponsorship and exhibition Opportunities - Exhibition space in the main conference networking area - Comprehensive pre-event marketing campaigns - Custom Designed Sponsorship and Exhibition packages, tailored to your organization’s marketing strategies -Live Demos *Limited Exhibition Space