Event Date/Time: Mar 08, 2010
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Securing the initial prospect appointment and closing a solicitation are often the most stressful moments in the life of a fundraiser. They are also the most crucial points in the philanthropic process – especially in this tough economic environment. Though some anxiety is natural, there are concepts and tactics you can call on to ease your nerves as you execute your most essential duties.

Join us online to learn these tactics. With one session dedicated to cold calling and another to making the ask, this webcast will cover:

* Planning calls based on prospect data, anchor appointments, and budget pressures
* What information you absolutely need to make a call
* Tips for securing an initial appointment, including moving through assistants
* How to use the cultivation process to naturally build to the ask
* The pros and cons of using a proposal or whitepaper during your solicitation process
* Creating a conducive environment for a successful ask
* Scripting and role playing to move the process forward in both situations