The Canadian Institute’s Managing Social Media

Venue: Carriage House Inn

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Event Date/Time: Mar 09, 2010 End Date/Time: Mar 10, 2010
Early Registration Date: Feb 09, 2010
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Is your organization using social media to maximize business objectives?
Do you understand how to balance the rewards and the risks of social media?

Champions of social media suggest that social media is not a business risk; not using social media is a business risk. Indeed, social media applications can be great tools for your organization and many are seeing the value first-hand. But with value comes volatility, with reward comes risk. As more and more organizations dip their toes in the social media pool, now is the time to learn to truly manage these evolving tools.

There are a lot of questions surfacing around best practices as well as the significant legal concerns with privacy, disclosure and copyright. This program will help you develop solutions to some of these critical business challenges and offers advice and case studies on effective use and assessment of social media applications.

This event, brought by popular demand to Western Canada, also addresses critical questions including: How do you get management buy-in for these new and volatile tools? How do you identify the right applications for your organization? How do you measure your success? What do you do when things go wrong?

What privacy and disclosure minefields do social media expose your organization to? What are your mandatory privacy obligations? What rights do employers and employees have when it comes to social networking sites like Facebook? Who owns social media content and who is responsible for it?

Attend The Canadian Institute’s Managing Social Media conference to get a handle on best practices and cutting-edge business and legal strategies for using social media in your organization. Use the information you will take away from this important conference to help you determine how you will balance the risks and rewards of social media.