Weapons Intelligence Team Course - Operations and Planning Training

Venue: TBD

Location: London, United Kingdom

Event Date/Time: Apr 12, 2010 End Date/Time: Apr 13, 2010
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To provide C-IED operators and commanders with the practical skills required to accurately gather evidence and intelligence at the scene of an IED incident as well as its subsequent collation, assessment and dissemination for use in wider anti-terrorism operations.

Weapons Intelligence (WI) is a pivotal function of the global war on terror’s overall intelligence effort. An understanding of the tactics, techniques and procedures – including the equipment, and technical ability of a terrorist group, and its links to similar groups and individuals, is key to the defeat of terrorism. With that in mind, the MKDS Training two day Weapons Intelligence Team Operations and Planning seminar has been specifically designed to introduce delegates to a number of scenarios in the form of case studies - as well as outlining the tactics, techniques and procedures necessary to gather IED related evidence and intelligence in both the homeland and high-threat environments.

Course Outline:

Day One

-The Weapons Intelligence Process
-Scene Investigation Procedures
-The role of the bomb scene (weapons intelligence) investigator:
-Identification of terrorist groups responsible for bombings and shootings.
-Assessing their objectives, targets, methods, capabilities and weaknesses.
-Identifying bomb makers, quartermasters and couriers.
-Maintaining an historical log of IEDs being used.
-Assessing the construction of improvised explosive devices and the implications of any technical innovations particularly with respect to IED defeat and force protection.
-Identification of trends and new threats.
-Assessing weapon holdings and the ability to use them.
-Identifying sources of weaponry, trafficking methods and hide areas.
-Provision of targeting packs eg surveillance targets/search and interdiction operations.
-Providing technical assistance to police and military operations.
-Disseminating regular and special reports.
-Bomb Scene Safety
-Various Case Studies – Iraq and Afghanistan 2004-2009

Day Two

-Introduction to Post-incident scene management and forensic search and analysis procedures
-Introduction to IEDs and explosives
-Introduction to Terrorist Electronics
-IED Component Identification
-Global Terror Group MO
-Bomb Factory Procedures
-Scene Photography
-Weapons Intelligence Reporting
-Case Studies – London Suicide Bombing Attacks 2005/Airline Bomb Plot 2006

Terminal Learning Objective:
At the conclusion of this course, delegates will be able to advise on the full spectrum of skills required to accurately gather evidence and intelligence at the scene of an IED incident as well as its subsequent collation, assessment and dissemination for use in wider anti-terrorism operations


Additional Information

Your expert trainer Major (Ret.) Chris Hunter MKDS Training and Threat Mitigation Chief Trainer and Senior Adviser QGM (author and former British Armed Forces – Ammunition Technical Officer) Is a highly experienced former British Army Ammunition Technical Officer and counter-terrorism specialist who has served in a variety of operational Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD) appointments and who has seen active service in a number of high threat theatres including Iraq, Afghanistan, Colombia and Northern Ireland. During much of his 17 year EOD career he specialised in overt and covert ‘Assault IEDD' operations in support of specialist Police and military counter terrorism Units. He was involved in the planning and execution of a number of anti-terrorist arrest operations around the world and was the architect of the British military EOD response to a suicide bomb attack on the UK mainland. Later, he played an instrumental role during the July 2005 London bombings when he was seconded to the British Government’s COBR-A as one of the country’s leading suicide terrorism subject matter experts. In addition to his vast operational experience, he has designed numerous Counter-IED related training seminars, courses and exercises. He is highly experienced and qualified in all aspects of weapons intelligence and EOD including specialist manual techniques; CBRN device neutralisation; High threat IEDD operations; Assault IEDD; Explosive breaching and demolition as well as conventional munitions disposal. He retired from the MOD in 2007 as the MOD’s senior worldwide IED intelligence analyst to become a counter-terrorism and explosives consultant and was awarded the Queens Gallantry Medal in 2005 for his actions in Iraq the previous year; he has written a best-selling memoir and presented numerous papers on countering IEDs; he is also a Fellow of the Institute of Explosives Engineers, a former chairman of its technical committee and a Member of the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators. Headquartered in Montreal Canada, MKDS Training & Threat Mitigation currently assists both domestic and international clients with a wide range of defence solutions. We deliver high level training courses and Counter-Terrorism equipment to provide our clients the necessary tools to counter future challenges. Qualification and Security This Training Seminar is only available to verifiable personnel with a provable requirement. Your qualification to attend is entirely at the organiser’s discretion and will only be confirmed through our vetting system. We require two confirmed proofs of identity. * Courses can also be delivered as an in-house solution tailored to your unique requirements, including pre-course and on-site assessment.