2010 The 16th China Medicine and Healthcare Products (Guangzhou) Exhibition

Venue: Guangzhou Gymnasium Exhibition Centre

Location: Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Event Date/Time: Mar 19, 2010 End Date/Time: Mar 21, 2010
Registration Date: Feb 28, 2010
Early Registration Date: Oct 09, 2009
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2010 The 16th China Medicine and Healthcare Products (Guangzhou) Exhibition

Date: March 19—21st, 2010
Address: Guangzhou Gymnasium Exhibition Centre (No. 783, South Baiyun Road)
Organizer: China Medicine Healthcare Trade Stimulating Association, Guangdong Health Food Industry Association, Guangzhou Yi Fan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
Sponsor: Guangzhou Yi fan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Interactive Website: www.yyjyw.cn, www.gzyfzl.com
Conference Hotel: CanYe Hotel (three-star), MingQuanju Resort (five-star)
Guangzhou National Medicine Healthcare Fair organized by Yi Fan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd, has been recognized as the largest, the most efficient and most popular industry pageant in the medicine industry after seven year’s careful cultivation. Numerous well-known enterprises have taken part in, just like LIFE-FLO HEALTH CARE PRODUCTS CORP, NUSKIN, GEN SCRIPT, Axtivo Bio Tech (M) Sdn Bhd, America MERTEK, Norway aXimed As, Canada Atlantic Biography Co., Ltd, Dong Woo Industrial Co. Ltd Japan, Hideyo Comprehensive Research Institution, American Herbal Co. Ltd, Korea Eastern Asia, Germany ORTHOMOL Pharmaceutical, Korea Pacific medicine Co., Ltd, Korea Union Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Taiwan Bio-technology Co., Ltd, Taiwan Baokang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Taiwan Hengshan Co., Ltd, Taiwan Guangdeli Co., Ltd, Taiwan Zhongtian Biography Co., Ltd, Taiwan Rixin Co., Ltd, Yangtzekiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Northern China Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Bu Chang Group, S&P Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Yao Du Group, Kang Yuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Kai Kaiyuan Biography Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Kang Mei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Asia Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Heng Rui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, China Medicine Healthcare Food Import and Export Co., Ltd, San Jing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Fu Ren Medicine Co., Ltd,QiLianshan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Hong Kong Guangantang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Jiangsu PingGuang Co., Ltd, YunNan BaiYao Group, Guangdong Appollo Group, Zhongxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Shangdong Lucancisen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Guang Dong Medicine Import and Export Co., Ltd, JiuZhiTang Co., Ltd, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, BaiYun Mountain Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, XinQun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Guangzhou Kanghe Co., Ltd, Lianhuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Beijing Tongrentang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Hong Kong LiTai Co., Ltd, Hong Kong Anchen, HongKong Hongxing Co., Ltd, Tibet Zangbaolu Co., Ltd etc. The exhibition area reaches 90,000 ㎡ and the amount of the audience reaches 400,000.
Exhibition advantages:
1.The Medicine and Healthcare Food Exhibition organized by Yi Fan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd, has been the medicine pageant which has got the strongly support and approved by the government. And the relevant departments will organize community drugs to tender and purchase.
2.300,000 inviting letters and tickets will be printed and sent to the professional person and sales. What’s more, we will pay more attention to inviting the professional person in Guangdong province by phone or visiting.
3.This exhibition will be organized by professional organizing committee, who will build a favorable trading platform based on database of 200,000 sales. And the exhibition information will be sent to the sales all round the country through SMS.
4.The coverage of exhibition information will extend to Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Fujian, Guizhou, Sichuan, Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Henan, etc.
5.The oversea support organization will organize the professional person from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Korea, Japan and western countries to come to visit.
1. Advertisement will be published on China Pharmaceutical Newspaper, Yiyaojingji Newspaper, Guangzhou Daily, South Municipal Newspaper for half an year. And we will cooperate with Guangdong TV, South TV, Hong Kong Dagong Newspaper, South China Business Newspaper etc to report the whole progress of the exhibition, and the other advertisements on outdoor and buses will attract professional audience to purchase.
2.professional media promotion: China medicine magazine, medicine business magazine, new medicine business magazine, drugs marketing magazine, the guide of China medicine purchase, SouYao magazine, 51zhaoshang,com, 185medicine web magazine,medicinepurchasenewspaper,www.pharmachina.com,www.medic360.com,www.pharmnet.com.cn,www,medicineexchange.com,www.djyw.com,www.china.busytrade.com,www.yyzs.net,www.cryy.net,www.chinamy.com,www.zhyaocai.com,www.sinaxpo.com,www.cnegu.com,www.foodqs.com,www.baidunet.net,www.yy001.com,www.yydq.net,www.yaofu.cn,www.zs.51ey.com,www.bxdyy.com,www.bwzsw.net,www.bjp321.com,www.hbey.com,www.xyao.com,search.foodqs.com,www.cnfda.com,www.foodexpo.cn,www.foodexpo.cn,www.eynet.cn,www.chinamtcm.com,www.yy201.com,www.healthr.com,www.yysfww.com,www.yybjp.com,www.yysjw.com,www.yy2000.com,publichealth newspaper,etc. more than 200 units.
Exhibition condition:
The manufacture, institution, distribution and other agents of oversea enterprise that can product the medicine and healthcare food or have the business certification and license.

Exhibition products:
Medicine: new drugs, prescription drugs, OTC drugs, Chinese and Western medicine, biography pharmaceutical, Chinese medicine drink slice, plants extras, ethnic medicine, API, pharmaceutical intermediate, disinfectant, etc.
Healthcare food: nutriment healthcare food, Health beverage, health tea, health wine, trace element products, special use cosmetics, health care products to reduce fertility, sexual health products, healthcare food, health therapy instrument, health care appliances
High-tech medicine and soft technology: new medicine technology and achievements, medicine management soft, medicine products design and research and medicine and health media, etc.
Health foods manufacture package: healthcare manufacture equipment, packaging equipment, printing code equipment, pharmaceutical packaging materials, etc.

Standard exhibition booths and corresponding fees:
Raw space (the minimum area is 36㎡) : $150/㎡
(a construction management fee will be charged for special-decoration booths: $ 4/㎡)
Standard booth: $1,800/unit
Standard booth: a name plate, a desk, two chairs, an electric power socket (220v ), a rubbish box, two lamps, three exhibition boards ( The height of each board is 2.5m), carpet, no equipment is offered for the raw space booth
On-site advertisements and other advertisement
Front cover: full-color page including figures and texts, $ 4,000/per (130*210mm)
Printing advertisement out of the exhibition hall: $30/㎡
Back cover: full-color page including figures and texts, $ 3,000/per (130*210mm)
Advertisements on Rainbow arch: for advertisement: $850 for each one(18m width)
Inside color page: full-color page including figures and texts follows the front paper,
$850/per (130*210mm)
Advertisement on exhibitors/visitors card:$150
Inside white and black page: white and black page including figures and texts follows the inside color page $ 450/per (130*210mm)
Advertisement on colorful flags: $1,400/300 flags
Rent for meeting room: $1,200/2 hours
Advertisement on tickets: $650/10,000 tickets(210*90mm)

Exhibition agenda:
Set-up Date: Mar 18th, 2010(9:00---17:00)
Exhibition Date: Mar19---21st, 2010 (9:00---16:30)
Dismantling Date: Mar 21th, 2010 (14:00) (Note: The application deadline for this exhibition is Feb 28th, 2010)
Exhibit procedure:
1. The applicators receive the invitation and fill it out
2. The finished application should send to the organizing committee in form of fax or letter (with official seal)
3. The organizing committee will verify the qualifications of the applicants and pre-assigned the booths and fax the Notification Form for Pre-Assign Booths to applicants.
4. The applicants should pay within the time stipulated in the Notification Form for Pre-Assign Booths and fax the bank remittance receipt together with the Notification Form for Pre-Assign Booths to organizing committee for reference.
5. The organizing committee sends the Booth Confirmation Letter to the exhibitor once the payment is confirmed.
6. Exhibitors can set-up booths on set-up day with the Booth Confirmation Letter
*Only the payment confirmed, the reservation is available and irrevocable. Exhibition fees will not be refunded except the organizing committee submitted the reasons for withdrawal.
*The exhibitor takes the responsibility for its qualification, activities, product’s legitimacy and the security of the stuff, the economic activities in the process of exhibition is none of the business with the organizing committee.
*The organizing committee has the final right to explain the document
Committee office:
Guangzhou Yi Fan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
Address: Room 201, Yin yan Building, No25-27, Yan ling Road, Guangzhou (Post Code: 510507 )
Phone: +86-20-61089279
Fax: +86-20-61089459 61089469
Website: http://www.gzyfzl.com
E-mail: echo.1002@hotmail.com
Contactor: Ms Chen 15013161291


No. 783, South Baiyun Road