Event Date/Time: Mar 11, 2010 End Date/Time: Mar 12, 2010
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Global demand for Biomass (Agricultural and Forestry Residues, Energy Crops and Wood Pellets) is rapidly growing and especially in Europe, where EU 2020's target for renewable energy (20% in gross energy consumption), is a major driver for this growth. Various European countries' government have released grants and incentive programs to step up the usage of biomass in power generation, such as the United Kingdom and Scotland earlier in November 2009.

This growth drives the need for biomass to be traded as a real "commodity". To make this happen, issues on "commodization" have to be addressed with the clear standards on biomass certification, logistics, price benchmarking on the broad array of biomass products. Commercialising pretreatment technologies, such as Torrefaction, Pyrolysis, etc, will provide solutions to standardization of specification. Bio-char, touted as a alternative for carbon sequestration, is also gaining global interest in the US, Australia and Europe, for soil enhancement and replacement for coal in power plants.

Biomass has widely been used in power generation and for heating purposes. Combustion and Co-firing are the most widespread conversion technologies for electricity and heat generation, also in district heating. In large-scale commercial plants, security in supply of biomass, as well as transportation and handling, becomes critical for sustainable operation and even financing.

Sustainability and reliability in the market dynamics of biomass demand/supply is critical for the development of stable global biomass trading market activities. Supported by Port of Rotterdam and IEA Bioenergy Task 40, CMT presents a industry-stakeholders' lineup at the Biomass Trade & Power Conference. The conference aims to analyze EU and other regions' developments in bioenergy and tackle issues the establishment a biomass trading, realizing a real commodity market. This is a MUST- HAVE for long term security of the bioenergy sector.

Hot issues discussed at CMT's Biomass Trade & Power:

EU's sustainability requirement for bioenergy
Post Cophenhagen & its implication for bioenergy
Assess the global supply outlook of biomass from China, Australia, Baltic Region, Canada & etc
Evaluate EU's demand for power & heat production
Establish a reliable & economical certification scheme for biomass/bioenergy
Commercialization & availability of pretreatment technologies
Analyse Biochar's commercialization roadmap
Tackles issues on transportation & shipping/freight market outlook
Rationalise pricing standards for agri-steam waste & pellets
Stakeholders' perspectives producers, importers trade & power companies on commodization of biomass
Direct networking opportunities, strike immediate contracts with buyers, sellers and power companies
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You will network with

- Biomass/Pellets Producers, Traders & Importers
- Biofuels Producers Importers
- Utilities, Power, Distributed Power
- Agriculture/Forestry/Plantation Companies
- Commodity Brokers & Analysts
- Wood Processing Companies
- Shipping & Brokers (Dry Bulk, Biomass/Pellets)
- Government/Regulators
- Pulp & Paper
- Pelleting Equipment/Technologies
- Biomass Pretreatment Technologies
- Enzymes/Catalysts Providers
- Trade/Project Financing Institutions
- Specification & Benchmarking
- Biomass/Bio-Power Associations
- Emission/CDM Traders
- Environmental Engineers