Event Date/Time: Feb 25, 2010 End Date/Time: Feb 26, 2010
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Stevia hit the big stage when it was granted no-objection by FDA regarding safety of certain rebaudioside-A as food ingredient at the end of 2008. Once solely a supplement ingredient, stevia has since entered the big playing field of large consumer packaged goods (CPG) applications.

By middle of 2009, US stevia sales topped US$95 million, a near 5-fold increase over the US$21 million in the entire 2008. Mintel forecasts that the growth will soar to more than US$2 billion by end of 2011.

Stevia's USPs of guilt-free, all natural sweetness were seen as the holy grail of sweetener. But are CPG companies rushing to embrace the new sweetener? What are their concerns regarding safety, quality and formulation? What can the industry do to scale up the availability of stevia and ensure reliability of quality and supply?

Popularity of stevia has not gathered steam in the consumer sector. Mintel's consumer survey reveals nearly 70% of Americans have no idea what is stevia and 11% even say they think stevia is unsafe and don't intend to try it. The research by Rabo bank echoes the same sentiment, with only 11% saying they have tried stevia and will continue using it, and 25% saying they may be interested in trying it.

Taste profile remains a big obstacle to stevia's growth. Various flavouring companies have introduced flavor masking/modification and sweetness enhancement solutions without detracting from the perceived benefits of its natural status.

From finance to cultivation to varietal development to flavours and formulation, CMT's Stevia World Americas will bring you up to speed with the latest market developments and technological innovations.

Hot Issues to be discussed at CMT's Stevia World Americas

What is Consumers' Perception of Stevia? Does All Natural Really Matter to Consumers or Taste is King?
How to increase Consumer Awareness and Acceptance of Stevia?
Market Penetration of Stevia vis-à-vis Sugar and other High Intensity Sweeteners
New Variety with Higher Reb-A Content
Evaluation of Extraction & Purification Technologies
Improving Economics of Stevia Usage
Challenges of Formulating Stevia in Food & Beverage
Enhancing Stevia Taste Profile through Flavour Masking / Modification
Stevia in Pharmaceutical Applications
Experience of Stevia Cultivation & Production - Asia vs. South America
Quality Standards to Ensure Highest Purity & Consistency for Reb-A
End-users' Perspectives of Formulating with Stevia
Come to CMT's Stevia World Americas to gather latest information and establish new links and relationships. Regular updates of the event and other interesting industry news and reports will be available on www.steviaworldforum.com.

You will network with
- Stevia Growers/Producers/Refiners - F&B companies
- Pharmaceutical companies - Food ingredient companies
- Flavour & fragrance companies - Sugar and sweetener companies
- Horticulture companies - Biotech Research Institutions
- Equipment suppliers - Institutional Investors


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