The Rise of Africa: An International Conference on New Strategies and Approaches to Governance and S (CDA)

Venue: Institute for Cultural Diplomacy - House of Arts & Culture

Location: Berlin, Germany

Event Date/Time: Jan 17, 2010 End Date/Time: Jan 24, 2010
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"The Rise of Africa":
An International Conference on New Strategies and Approaches to Governance and Sustainable Development in Africa
(Berlin, 21st – 23rd January 2010)

As activity within and outside Africa to meet the Millennium Development Goals continues, it is clear that there remain serious challenges that must be met, in particular in the areas of healthcare, education, and infrastructure. Efforts to make advancements in these fields are dependent not only on a sustained effort by the stakeholders involved, but also require strong and effective governance from African leaders.

A diverse range of strategies and approaches have been adopted to address these challenges, ranging from initiatives to provide low-cost energy and housing, to sports programs that educate and raise awareness of healthcare issues amongst the younger generations.

The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy has developed “The Rise of Africa: An International Conference on New Strategies and Approaches to Governance and Sustainable Development in Africa” (Berlin, 17st - 23rd January) to explore the range of new ideas and initiatives being developed and implemented in support of African development, and to assess the challenges and opportunities they will bring for African leaders and the continent as a whole.
Program Agenda
In particular, the Rise of Africa Conference will pursue the following specific aims:
• Evaluate the importance of Africa within the international sphere
• Consider the importance of soft power and cultural diplomacy in strengthening relations both within and outside Africa
• Examine the role of specific stakeholders in developing and implementing new strategies and approaches to the development of Africa
• Evaluate the role of the international community with regard to resources and conflict economics
• Examine the relationship between economic independence, peace, stability and conserving cultural integrity
• Consider the challenges faced in constructing a sustainable economic environment
• Explore new strategies for progress in healthcare, education, sustainability and water management
• Encouraging and promoting the initiatives of young leaders to key decision-makers
The following issues will be addressed and explored:
• Good Governance (Focus: corruption, failed states, transparency, land reforms, accountability, and institution building)
• Africa’s Geopolitical Importance (Focus: foreign special interests, the race for Africa’s resources, causes of conflict, and impact on society)
• Sustainable Development & Climate Change (Focus: energy requirements, renewable energy, historic debt, water management, and agro-economy)
• Basic Social Services for All (Focus: education, health, and realizing the Millennium Development Goals)
• Aid vs. Trade (Focus: approaches to aid and development, microfinance, neo-colonialism, and globalization)
• The Role of the Private Sector (Focus: Foreign Direct Investment, Corporate Social Responsibility & Socially Responsible Investment)
• The African Diaspora (Focus: migration, the “brain drain”, remittances, and building cultural bridges)


Ku´damm Karree (3rd Floor/Hochhaus), Kurfürstendamm 207-8, 10719

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-Price for CDA Weeklong seminar & The Rise of Africa Conference (17th-24th january): 195€ -Price for "The Rise of Africa" conference: 125€