Event Date/Time: Jan 19, 2010 End Date/Time: Jan 20, 2010
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The development of the Internet has led to fundamental changes in our society and revolutionized the way we do everything from online shopping, banking, running a business, and the way large corporations and governments monitor and communicate with each other. With this proliferation comes an increased risk of threats to our security in the form of identity theft, banking manipulation, destruction of physical property and even state sponsored intrusions and attacks.

Chaired by The Honorable Michael W. Wynne and Technical Chair Dr. Joseph Mitolla III, the conference will focus on the big-picture aspects of cybersecurity such as:

- How does Government defend against the loss of critical national infrastructure connected to an Internet that is global in scope?

- What are the rules of engagement for US forces engaged in cyberwar to work cooperatively with owners of US critical infrastructure?

- How can we balance privacy, constitutional rights and protection of critical infrastructure from threats posed by a determined and technically competent adversary?

Speakers reflect the broadest alternative perspectives from the military cybercommand of LTG Alexander, Director of the National Security Agency and designated commander of the US Cybercommand across sectors of the economy to the American Civil Liberties Union whose Privacy & Technology Legislative Counsel, Chris Calabrese, will emphasize what really are complementary policy imperatives. The complete list of speakers includes nearly fifty such senior executives across government, industry, and academic domains in the US, Europe, and Asia, whose insights will be incorporated into the Global Cybersecurity Policy Guidebook conference report.

The goal is to identify critical questions and best practice solutions to help business executives, government officials, and policy decision makers come away with an all encompassing view of cybersecurity.